Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Riding horses

A few days before the New Year, we met up with my aunt {Gigi} and my cousin Mandy at the barn where my aunt keeps her two horses. We had taken Teagan once before and it was about time for another visit. Plus we wanted to see Mandy again before she had to head back to NY. Teagan liked it the first time, but she LOVED it this time.

 My aunt looked at Teagan and said, "You are not riding a horse in a tutu, are you?!?" Let me tell you, I kind of thought the same thing, but it was clear we wouldn't be leaving the house without that tutu on. She tried to go for full ballerina outfit but it was going to be too cold for that. 
 She's showing them her cow necklace that she got for Christmas. Ha, and they look like they are paying attention. Love. 
 I was afraid I might suffer a panic attack when Teagan got on the horse by herself, but she loved it and wouldn't have it any other way. If you know her, you know she can be a bit clumsy and we've had a few falls. Sometimes we refer to her as "Your Grace" {insert british accent}. I had every intention of bringing her bike helmet but forgot. And there wasn't any telling her she coudln't ride, so I just prayed...pretty much the entire time we were there. And we all survived and are here to tell about it.
Also sporting her new boots that Gigi got her so she could ride the horses. 
 Riding with Mandy didn't last too long before she told her she wanted to do it "all by myself."
Then she switched between riding by herself and riding "fast" with Gigi. 
The horses loved Reynolds. They were so curious about him and couldn't stay away. 
 After we finished riding the horses, we headed over to a friend of my aunt's. She pretty much has her own petting zoo. I think there were 4 horses, several billy goats, and the cutest little donkey I've ever seen.

When we left, she told the animals, "Byeee, see ya next time!" And then she asked about every 5 seconds on the car ride home where Mandy was. We only spend 2 days with her while she was in town, but Teagan fell in love quickly. In fact, she had real tears when we went over to their house for New Years and she realized Mandy wasn't there any more. I mean I think the only people that have ever gotten real tears are me and Patrick. 

Gettin clean before nap! "Look mommy, beard!"

And now she asks almost every night, "Go see horsies in the morning, Mama?!?...Call Gigi??"

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