Monday, March 30, 2015

Happy half birthday!

Well, it has taken me several weeks to finish this post. And since you're about to be 7 months old next week, I figured I better get on it.

Oh my goodness. Half a year?!? Half a year?!? I can't believe that much time has passed since you joined our lives in this outside world. But then at the same time, I can't imagine life any differently. Goooooooodness do we love you and think you are just the sweetest little thing ever {well, you know tied with your big sis if she reads this one day--but this post is about you, so I get use use phrases like sweetest little thing evvveerrrrrr, cause you are!} I've had a couple of people ask if I think you get a thousand kisses a day. It's just your little cheeks are just so irresistibly kissable--and I guess I've been caught a time or two kissin on them. I promise to stop by the time your in high school--but then again, maybe not.

I could squeeeeeeze you! {And I'm totally in love with you if you can't tell.}

Size: Still big! Although you hadn't gained quite as much weight in the last month as I thought you would. But you're still a big 18 lbs, 14 oz and 28 inches tall. If it's a size 6 month, you can't wear it--except for a few pair of pants but they're becoming high-wadders now. But in tops, you can forget about it. You're mostly in 12 month clothes and still size 3 diapers.

Sleep: Ummm. Too tired to remember?? And that's not all your fault, your sister has decided to do some night wakings too. You sleep great for the most part--typically about 11 hours at night. You do seem to lose some sleep when you aren't feeling great/might be teething. None have popped up yet, but I think they might be soon. And your naps seem to be affected when you are learning a new skill. You are still rocking back and forth a ton and you will rock like crazy and fight your naps at times. If we're on the go, you typically skip your nap while you watch what is going on around you. And then fall asleep on the trip to the car--just in time to be moved and woken up again. But then we have naps that go flawlessly. So all that to say-- you are an overall great sleeper, just not very consistent.
This was a first time in a long time that I let you nap in the Ergo at the house. You just weren't having your nap, so in you went. 
Oh, and you are no longer taking your pacie anymore. I don't know what happened. You'll use it as a toy and chew on it but will NOT suck on it. You'll chew on your fingers too but won't suck those either. Which is great that I won't have to break you of it, but when I kinda need you to quiet down when we're in public and you're tired, it kind of stinks. But I think the good outweighs the bad with this one. 

Solids: We tried solids for the first time on February 22nd (5 1/2 months old). You were showing a ton of interest and figured we would give it a try. We haven't been consistent with it yet and were just allowing it to be more for fun and practice. Now that you're 6 months old, we will start to get into more of a regular routine with it. We're trying out the Baby Led Weaning this time around. It seems much easier and faster than pureeing our own food, freezing it, etc. And I like some of the benefits that it offers too. So far, you've tried bananas, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and avocado {not so much a fan}. Other than avocado, I think you like most of the food we've given you. You like exploring but seem to get a little weirded out when it gets in your mouth.

Happy to be included in dinner time! First try at sweet potatoes. 
I think cucumber might be a favorite! I don't think there is much nutritional value to it, but it makes for good practice, it isn't bad for you, and it isn't so messy... so it's a win! 
annnnd, your first ice cream! just kidding. but you did make it known that you wanted us to share. 

Fun this month

Your month started off with a full week at the doctor. We started out going on Monday with Teagan where we found out she had pneumonia.
You started feeling off the next day and then by Wednesday we were back at the doctor for you. We were told you had bronchiolitis. 
...and you got an inhaler. 
Two days later we were back at the doctor. I could just tell you were not yourself. You still had a low fever and were a little lethargic, so with the approaching weekend I took you in again. This time they gave you a nebulizer treatment. Then, I was told you needed to sleep in your carseat (Because your oxygen levels seemed to be better when you were more upright) and that I needed to set an alarm to go in in the middle of the night and count your breathing. And we were to bring you in the next morning (Saturday). 
So we asked for prayers from our family and friends that the both of you would get better. (At this point Teagan was getting over pneumonia but had a double ear infection.)
The doctor's visit didn't go great. I thought you were more like yourself and was very hopeful, but you oxygen levels were still too low. They sent us to the ER for you to be monitored. We again asked for prayers and we believe they worked. When we got to the ER your oxygen levels had improved and were not a concern! You got a clear x-ray (meaning no pneumonia). And you got a deep suctioning treatment that was terrible but helped you so much! In fact, they told us that the nebulizer machine that I had just received that morning and the inhaler we already had at home probably weren't doing much good. And that the trick was saline solution and nose suctioning--and I'm just glad that you won't remember all the times we had to do that to you. 
You were to keep sleeping in your car seat until your cough/congestion got better. It was exhausting for all of us. ;) 
And then we started seeing these sweet smiles again!! Yaaay! 
See what I mean?!? Squeeeeezable!!! 
I'm not going to be able to contain myself this summer. Gooodness. 
Little brother probs. ;) 
Playdates with Ryan! So fun to watch you two get excited to see each other. 
this.face. ahhhh.
You went with me to visit some friends at school and see Mrs. Stacey and Makenzie. 
First mirror selfie. Kind of. And maybe lets just not take mirror selfies, okay Reynolds?? Only if you need to know if something matches. ;)
How I have to get ready some mornings. 
Your first snow!!! 
"Family breakfast"
At the Lake Club at RP where we'll be hanging out a lot in a few weeks when Mammy and Pappy move here! 
You love your sister. Ohhh my goodness, do you love her. She's a little uncertain at times because in your excitement sometimes you like to pull her hair. It's like you could just tackle her you are so excited when she is near you. The two of you are some kind of sweet together. Makes this mama heart melt every time. 
I put you on her bed so I could get some things done in the room and she decided she wanted to read to you from her Big Sister book. 
We took a trip to the zoo with some friends on a pretty day! 
And then later that day when it was even prettier, we met back up with your girlfriend and some other friends at the park. 
You love when someone lets you study their face. You especially love when Teagan lets you do this. You can hardly contain your excitement.
We went shopping with the money that Granny sent for Valentines' Day. 
Happy 6 months!!! 

6 month photoshoot 

Goooodness my little lovey, we can't get enough of you. We love you to the moon and back {and again and again....}!