Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy birthday Nana!

Two weeks ago, we headed to Augusta to celebrate my mom's birthday. The kids did great on the trip...or at least I think they did. I have a hard time remembering, so it must not have been too bad. While we were there we got to visit again with Mema, and we got to introduce Reynolds to Libby for the first time. If only weekends could be a little longer...

This was Reynolds first time getting to meet Libby. She held him and soothed him for well over an hour...she likes her snuggles too. 

We love you Nana! 

Happy 2 months!

Little man, you are 2 months old {and 7 days...that is if I even get this post finished today}! Your snuggly little self is continuing to make our hearts melt. You are one loved little guy. We just can't get enough.

We went for your 2 month check up yesterday, and you got your shots. I forgot to tell your dad about the appointment so he could work it out with his schedule, so I had to go at it alone. You did alright with the shots. You screamed but you were able to be calmed pretty quickly. The nurse suggested Teagan not watch, so I sent her on a search for lipgloss in the diaper bag. Worked like a charm. Even though you were screaming, she declared it was "Teagan's turn!!" when you were done. Here are your stats...

You are a growing little man. As you got closer to turning 2 months, your 3 month clothes were getting smaller and smaller. You are still fitting in them alright, but not for long. You seem to have a really long torso, so we'll be sizing up in your shirts.  I thought this picture was pretty funny...supposed to be long sleeves and pants. oops.
Soon after you turned a month old, you found your thumb. You haven't quite perfected it, but you are finding your thumb and your fingers more and more since then. I've tried to swaddle you with one hand free for some naps, but you never seem to be able to find your fingers then.
Two little thumb suckers. Not sure how I feel about this. We found with Teagan that it was very convenient, but we're also now finding that it is very hard to try and break. Not sure there's much I'll be able to do about it either way. 
At 6 weeks, you slept your longest stretch of 9pm-3am. But I'm happy to report that since then you've continued to improve your time. Each week you would add about an hour to that. You now sleep from about 9pm-6am. It's not always that late, but lately its been somewhere between 5am-6am. You'll randomly throw in a 2:30am just to make sure I still love you. :) You didn't do fantastic with daylight savings. Somehow what was 4am turned into 2am. I'm pretty good at math, but I'm starting to question your skills. fyi: 4-1=3, not 2.

Your least favorite nap of the day is the evening one from 7:30-8:30. We joke that you just hate 8:30pm. It is your least favorite time of day. I was following the Moms on Call rules of trying to make sure there were at least 3 hours between your dinner feed {6pm} and bedtime feed {9pm}. You do great at the 3 hour stretches at any other time of day, but you seem to really not like it at night. I've just started giving in and feeding you earlier. We still follow MOC for most things, but I've learned that sometimes you just gotta make your own rules. Your second least favorite nap is from 1pm-3pm...when your sister is napping. So in order for me to get any shut-eye during the day, we end up snuggling a lot during this nap. You won't find me complaining though. I kind of love that time even if I can't get much done.

At 6 weeks you also smiled at me! Your dad claims that you smiled at him a couple of weeks before that, but this was the first true smile that I witnessed. By 8 weeks, you were really giving them to us. And you've been melting our hearts with them since.

Also at 6 weeks {guess this was a big week} you were also being a very lazy eater. Oh goodness. I had one of those momentary panics that my milk was going to dry up and you wouldn't gain weight so they wouldn't let me nurse you anymore. It was a 2 minute downward spiral of my thoughts that I've since calmed down. I'm relaxed about so much more this time around, but I can still have a moment of panic just like any normal crazy person. {oxymoron??}

At 8 weeks, I went in to school to tell them that I wouldn't be returning this year. More about that in a later post that I have written but just haven't posted yet. You seemed to be extra smiley that day.
On your 2 month birthday you started cooing at me! And since this post is 7 days late, I can say that it wasn't a fluke. You've continued to do it. I love that sweet little sound, and I will sound like a goober to get you to smile or coo at me. I try to tone it down in public or around other people.
Feel free to make fun...Teagan sure is. 

Remember how we thought you were just a loud baby--loud eater, loud breather, loud cryer?? Well at your 2 month appointment, Dr. Wilburn made some comment about your loud breathing to which I responded, "all.the.time." Then she sat down and said, "so tell me about this all the time." I told her I marked it up to you just being loud, but she said it could be that some of the flaps in your esophagus {or at least I think it was espophagas??} haven't closed properly yet. And if you have reflux that it would continue to aggravate it and inflame it, constricting your airways a bit and making it a little more difficult for you to breathe, causing it to be louder. So she put you on Prevacid and told us to try it for 2 weeks and if we didn't notice any improvements to quit, but if we did to continue until we saw her again at 4 months. {And I forgot to mention in your 1 month post that she noticed that you had cradle cap on your face. Who knew you could get that on your face?! Your face was super dry and bumpy but I thought it was just baby acne that would eventually disappear. When it hadn't by your one month appointment, she took a look at it. We got a prescription for some cream to clear it up, and within a few days it was already looking much better. So, little man, we haven't quite had a full 'well' check-up yet.}

Here is a look at the other fun we had this month...
The one team the whole family can agree on. {You can see your cradle cap in this picture}
Your sister loves to snuggle with you. We joke that you constantly have that wide-eyed look because you never know if an arm or foot is going to come flying your way or if she is going to decide that she's done holding you. 
"How long do you think mom is going to leave me here?!?"
...she also loves to give you your pacie. Even when you are peacefully sleeping. But then she sometimes forgets to finish what she started. 
exibit A. 
This next picture was either too early for you to be eating or right after you finished eating. The sleeplessness makes me forget things. Either way, I'm certain that your dad fell asleep while trying to give you your pacie. The man can fall asleep anywhere. 
Sending funny faces to dad while he's at work. 
A visit from Nana! 
Eat, wake, sleep can be a little tough sometimes. Especially the wake part. 
Our attempt to get one of your aunts to come and visit and claim the title of favorite aunt. 
Because this is so much more comfy than the Nap Nanny. You love to sleep on my lap. 
This hat. Love. 
First family date...I think. We went to Bua Thai and Marble Slab after for dessert. 
You finally got to meet your little girlfriend Millie for the first time. And during her visit you had an explosive diaper. And when I was trying to clean you up, you gave us a pool of spit up. Hence the pictures of you not dressed. 
Millie: "Mom, who is this half naked boy you have me next to?!?!
Reynolds: "Seeeeeriously mom?!?!"
Old roomies and our babes. 
Your dad's boss gave you a mustachifier as a part of a gift. We had some good fun with it, and it remains your sister's favorite pacie to give you when you are crying.

Your first Halloween
One of our favorite parts of our week is when we get to have play dates with Ryan and his mama. We look forward to when you two start to notice each other. 
We headed to Augusta for your Nana's birthday and got to visit Mema while we were in town. More pictures of that visit in a later post. 
You were screaming one minute and out the next while we were trying to put your sister to bed. She likes to prolong her bedtime routine as long as possible. 
You love the vacuum. I noticed that if you were ever fussy and I had to vacuum you would settle so quickly. So on this day, I used it to get you to sleep without actually vacuuming. 
Afternoon nap snuggles. 
We ended our month with a trip to Clemson. This was our first trip with just you. We had a great time and you did awesome! 
And now for the monthly pictures...
 Tummy time normally isn't too bad unless it is too close to your nap {like in these pics} and then you aren't a big fan of it.
You love to stand and sit up. Even though you can't do it on your own yet, you love to do it when we help you out.

We love you so much little man, and we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!