Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy 4 months!

Reynolds, you turned 4 months old last week and we are loving your sweet little self. Well, actually you're not so little. I think you have hit some major growth spurt! You are getting so chunky and so much taller. I waited on posting until we had gone to the doctor and I had your stats to know just how much you've grown. And boy did you grow! In 2 months you grew 3.5 inches and gained 4 pounds.

In fact, the doctor told us today, "You know normally I'd say you could start solids around 4 months, but he seems to be doing just fine. I think I might hold off with him." Ha. Big boy. And for right now, you are totally content after each feeding.

Wonderful news! The doctor didn't think that she could hear your murmur anymore. We've been praying that the hole in your heart would close and we are believing that this is an answer to prayers and that this will continue to be the report that we get. We'll let her listen again at the 6 month appointment before taking you to the cardiologist to confirm that it has closed.

You are in 6-9 month or 6-12 month clothes, depending on where they are from. Your 9 month pjs from Target are already getting too small. We still try to fit you into some 3-6 month clothes, but the only thing that truly fits in that size is a pair of jeans from Gap. Your torso might be a lot longer than your legs. We've just switched you to size 3 diapers.

Up until right before you turned 4 months old, you were still taking a 6 oz bottle at night before bed. But, then I ended up with another clogged duct and fever and have now switched back to exclusively nursing. Oh my goodness, it really is so much easier. We'll see if we go back to an evening bottle soon or stick to this.
painful clogged duct and fever mean snuggles, breakfast, and movies in mommy's bed for the first half of the day
You were doing great at the beginning of the month with your sleep at night. Then we either hit a sleep regression, your first cold, or we ever know for sure what it is?! For about a week you were waking up at 3:00ish or 5:00ish...but you weren't giving us anything past 5. We would go in and try the pacie but some nights it wasn't working and so I fed you a couple of them. It's gotten a little better but we're not quite back to fully sleeping through the night, which I consider to be 11+ hours.
so some mornings look like this...

Right after you turned 3 months old, you gave your Aunt Laudie a couple of chuckles. I thought this might happen because she has a way of getting babies to laugh. I worked my hardest to get them myself and was finally successful a week later. Then, your Nana came in town and got a belly laugh out of you. {technically this was on the 10th so you were already 4 months old...but since this post if a week late we're including it.} We got to catch the end of it on camera.
You had your first babysitter on December 11th. You stayed with your Gigi and Papa G while mommy and daddy went to a concert. We came back to their house and crashed so I could be there if you woke up in the middle of the night.

You rolled over 5 times the morning of December 20th and then waited until right after you turned 4 months to do it again. Still only rolling over from front to back, but you're getting closer with back to front. You'll roll on your side sometimes, but haven't made the full turn yet.

You are noticing Teagan more and giving her some good smiles when she comes around. You two are so stinkin' sweet together. She loves you so much and you can tell you love her too.
scooting you closer so you can join us for dinner
 Sometimes she just can't handle your cuteness. I totally get it. Neither can I. 

You love to hold your own hands and pull them to your mouth to suck on them. You still aren't consistent with which fingers you'll suck on, but I have a feeling that when we break you of the swaddle you'll figure it out.

You're crawling!!! okay, kidding. But the other day, I looked over and you had scooted back several feet from where you started. You also like to spin yourself in circles when you do tummy time.
you started at that burp cloth...
there you go again...
You've had your first cold {and cough!}. And let me tell you, hearing a little guy like you coughing is sad stuff. We bought a humidifier for your room and that seems to have helped. The congestion stayed a little longer but the cough disappeared somewhat quickly.

You enjoy tummy time, sitting in your bumbo, being in your jumpy seat, and bathtime!

and more cuteness from the month 

We had a little coffee date while Teagan played at Ms. Stacey's. 
Cutest elephant I've seen. 

We celebrated the Christmas season
You'll do anything to keep your mama at home. Ha, this was as I was waving goodbye to have our annual Christmas dinner with my old grade level. We heard a splat and poo hit the floor. I joked and told your dad to have fun...but I actually stayed and helped to get you cleaned up before I left. 
Giving me the cheesiest smiles while I read to you from Jesus Calling one morning. You weren't liking that I wasn't paying you any attention when I was reading silently. Clearly you were happy when I started reading to you. 
I mean because is one picture of you in these glasses really enough? I think not. 
Had a family Christmas movie night
You were totally into it. 
Little man!!! 
Enjoyed celebrating Christmas, Round 1. {with matching pjs, of course.}
and round 2
annnnnd round 3
Your favorite toy right now...the noggin stick. 
You rode horses...well, you didn't. But your sister did and the horses loved you! 
this. :) 
Celebrated the New Year
Nightly story time during tummy time. 
took a selfie with your sleeping dad. 
You love standing, even if it is in your Nap Nanny. And you are we've learned to buckle you real tightly. 
Happy 4 months to this little hunk of mine! 

monthly pics

little meltdown that I was taking pictures of you 
These is more than I can take. 
Looking at your probably still crying sister like she's crazy. 

Reynolds, we love you so much! Sometimes when I look at you I could just cry. You have the sweetest smile that just melts me, and I am so happy that I get to be your mama. We love you our little mountain man. 

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  1. GOODness he is cute!! I can't believe he grew 3.5 inches in 2 months! Sweet buddy! The serious glasses pic might be one of my faves. Love that little boo!