Monday, March 24, 2014

Beaufort Birthday Bash!

Today is my nephew Cayden's 5th birthday and Saturday will be Caroline's 2nd birthday. We were able to go home this past weekend and celebrate their sweet lives. Kid's birthday parties are where all the fun is! Oh my goodness, we all had a blast this weekend-parents and grandparents included as you'll be able to see from the pictures. Even those that have 2 brand new knees. {Side note: Love how Teagan looks less than impressed in most of these pictures. However the second she would land at the bottom of the slide, the first word out of her mouth was more. She couldn't get enough of it despite her facial expressions caught on camera. Most everyone else you can see how much fun was had in their smiles.} I think I might want to rent this slide for my next birthday. Because nothing says 30 like a big blow up slide, right?

Love this next series showing Cayden planning his attack...
Birthday boy and his mama! 
Aunt Laudie!
and then some heads collided. 
oops. They mean the really pregnant people, right?
Birthday girl woke up in time to share some of Nana's lemonade
Making fish faces
4 generations of girls 
Love that Pappy had to do a selfie video tape on the way down
Pappy giving Teagan way too much milkshake. 
Time for presents and cake! 
This girl wanted pictures taken of her instead of opening presents. She sat by me and kept asking for more. 
"Hey look, I look like a ninja turtle!"
Love Caroline's face. 

And a look back at both of your first birthdays...

Cayden & Caroline, we love you so much and wish you the happiest birthdays! Teagan is so lucky to have such fun cousins! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Big news!

Well our big news right now is that our little family of 3 will become 4 in September! We are so excited {and maybe a little nervous} about the sweetness and craziness that awaits us. Patrick and I both feel like becoming parents has been one of, if not the, biggest blessing of our lives. We are so thankful that God is trusting us with another little life to care for. And boy or girl-we can't wait to meet you little one! ...and for you to meet your awesomely crazy & super sweet big sister Teagan! It melts my heart to think of the two of you together! 

I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow! Keeping this our little secret wasn't going to be working much longer. Mama's bump is starting to make itself known. Here's a look at what it looked like last weekend.
And a few other fun ones from trying to capture the announcement picture...
No lie...when I handed her the sign she looked at it and said "Ooooohhhh baby!" I'm not sure where she's heard that...but this time she was right. 
Oh, I can't wait to start to feel those sweet little flutters and kicks so soon! We love you tiny one!