Monday, July 22, 2013

Birthday Party!

Teagan-I had so much fun planning and getting everything ready for your birthday party. Your nap times were filled with lots of crafty things to get ready for your party, and I loved every minute of it. You had a wonderful party with lots of friends and family. We felt so loved by all the people that chose to help us celebrate your first year of life. It was such a wonderful time celebrating you! I might have been a little sad when it was time to take all of the decorations down.

Now for all the pictures that we took so we could show them to you later. :)
house decorated, swing set up, and birthday coffee mug (for momma) all ready for the birthday girl when she wakes up! 
Good morning birthday girl! :) 
birthday morning swing in one of your presents from us
birthday cheesin'
Mammy and Pappy came in to town on your birthday! 
Another present from mom & dad 
I love that this was probably your third time seeing the "pup pup" that we got you and you were genuinely just as excited and as in love as the first time you saw him. :) 
birthday ice cream! (cupcakes tomorow!) 
Pappy helping out with last minute party details  
having a grandfather moment I'm sure...sharing pictures/videos maybe?!
all set up and ready for the party! 
Strawberry cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing. My first time making homemade icing or actually decorating cupcakes...anything for my little. :)   
The Marhsalls  
Dads with their girls...only 5 days apart  
College roomies with our girls  
Aunt Laudie 
Mountain Park party peeps 
having a moment with "pup pup"
Wade & Wyatt-the youngest guests :)  
Time for presents! 
your first pair of Toms!
coming back to check out the presents :)
Would someone please hurry up with the cupcake?!?!
sidenote: your sweet outfit was made by Kara, a friend from work. She is awesome! She even made your little skirt to match! 
ha, this makes me laugh :) 
Emers watching and waiting patiently :) 
Always so sweet to share your food with us :)
sharing a moment with "Uncle" Dustin!  
"Aunt" Steph & "Uncle" Dustin
Mrs. Stacey and Makenzie 
Papa G and Grammy Pammy-my aunt and uncle :)  
sweet moment ;)
with Elizabeth (my friend from work) and EllaKate (your friend from Mrs. Stacey's) glad our girls get to play together!  
trying some of the toys out!
Laudie with her girls 
We forgot to put your party hat on for the cupcakes...but you weren't a fan anyway. It didn't stay on long...glad I chose to make your hat rather than spending money on one. :) 
Slideshow running during the party :) 
Party is over and have to say goodbye to Mammy and Pappy...and how I didn't get a picture of you with your Nana and Papa I'm not sure! :( 

Sweet girl, it was such a joy to celebrate your first year! We are so very thankful for your life and all the smiles you've brought to ours. Happiest of Birthdays T Leigh!