Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reynolds' birthday and "airpane port" party!

On September 8th, our little guy turned TWO! 
Second day of school was this guy's birthday! 
Since it was only the second day of school, we just sent in treats and didn't disrupt the class by coming in. But luckily this was happening at the end of the day and I got to sneak a little peek. 
...and pictures from his teacher. (With his bestie and birthday buddy Emma)
Reynolds' teacher made him this fun little crown and the guy asked to wear it constantly on his birthday weekend. I only had to repair it 3-4 times. ;) 
Birthday buddies! 
We let Reynolds pick dinner for his birthday and he chose "watch aipanes take off," so we headed to a restaurant at the airport nearby. 
...when Teagan asked, "are these planes going to keeep taking off?!?" (not a fan of the louder noises)
Playing with his new toy after dinner...with the crown. 
Party time! And it was back to the PDK airport for the party! 
It was a fun few days getting to celebrate this silly guy!