Saturday, July 16, 2016

Teagan's birthday and pool party!

We {especially Teagan and I} love a good celebration! This girl gets as excited as I do about decorations for a party and gets sad the day they finally have to come down. We had such fun celebrating her as a family and then with her friends at her pool party! 
P went in to work late so he could make some birthday pancakes! 

A few days later we celebrated 
Side note, this little guy. Fearless in the water. (as is that cousin of his in front)
The after party crash ;) 
The Beauforts came and stayed a few nights with and Teagan loved having them around for so long. I think both Teagan and Reynolds went through withdrawals when they had to leave. There may have been tears. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teagan Leigh, 4 years old

This precious & funny girl of ours turned 4 last month. She loves to learn and lights up at the chance to be a helper. Although shy, she will put on a good song & dance for those close to her. She is compassionate and kind, and our little lover. I asked what she thought she'd be able to do when she turned 4 and she said, "When I'm 4, I can do whatever I want. Cause that's what big kids do." So there's that.... Here's to hoping the sweet still outweighs the sassy in year 4. So thankful we were called to be her parents-it is one of our greatest joys. 

Teagan Leigh, here's a little look at your life since your last post at 3 1/2
First slumber party!
You have so many of your books memorized and can read to Reynolds. 
You brought your guitar and sang at a show & tell! Ahhh, it was a crazy schedule at school so I missed seeing it myself but your teacher sent me this picture. 
Father Daughter Dance and you had THREE dates! :) 
Snow Mountain! 
And your first hike up Stone Mountain
Girls day to see a Frozen ballet
Visits with family in North Augusta
I came to a class party and tried to get a picture with you...and several of your friends hopped in too! 
Easter egg hunt
and sassy! :) 
Lemonade Days! 
Stawberry picking!
First library card! 
First recital!! 
Lunch at American Girl with a friend! 
Airshow with your cousins 
Last day of school....and looking so much bigger! 
Food Trucks with the Fosters
I love that when I ask to take a picture, your go-to response is to assume some sort of ballet position. 
Family beach trip! 
We were at the lake and people were shooting off fireworks early for the 4th. It woke you up, so we let you watch with us for a while. I was explaining the meaning of the 4th and reason for fireworks, when you said, "Oohhhhh! I get it! They're shooting fireworks for my birthday!" ;) 
Playdate with your first bestie
First movie in the theater! 
First day of ballet camp!
You asked for pancakes for birthday breakfast...and for dinner, IHOP. 

We love you sweet one! We love seeing the little lady that you're growing up to be. Our prayer for you is that you would always show kindness to others, be confident to be YOU, and love Jesus. We  look forward to seeing what adventures being 4 brings you!