Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy 9 months!

9 months of you here with us and we are still somehow falling in love with you more and more each day. Goooodness, do we love you! You are such a happy little guy. You love snuggling your mama, find your sister hilarious, and think that your dad is lots of fun!

You're a big guy at 22 lbs, 1 oz and 30 inches tall. You are in mostly 18 month clothes (or bigger!) with a few of your 12 month items still fitting.

You love to get into anything and everything...especially if it is something that you aren't supposed to be getting into. {esssspecially the fireplace!} Our coffee table has now been cleared as everything was getting pulled off of it. You've now discovered you know how to open the drawers on the coffee table too- and your favorite thing to go for: Teagan's drawer of construction paper. Which you love to try and eat too. In fact, you've tried to eat your fair share of things you shouldn't. I'm not talking sweets, etc....I'm talking toilet paper, stickers, bandaids, even the stuff at bottom of the fireplace!!! {ahhhh!}

You have been pulling up for a while now, but are really getting good at it now. We don't have to stand behind you any longer with both hands waiting for the fall. In fact, you'll even cruise around furniture some. 
A favorite toy: water bottles 
Mothers Day! 
Trip to see Mammy & Pappy while your dad was out of town for work. 
Pulling up has its does having a generous sister. 
You learned a new trick this month...clapping! Oh I love little baby claps! 
...and another trick you've learned this month: shaking your head no. Here you are trying {real} oatmeal for the first time. You actually liked it, but for whatever reason shook your head no after each bite. {and you've since started shaking it no for other reasons and just for fun!}

Quite relaxed on this Target run
Practicing for the beach
and the video version...For whatever reason this is a favorite of the all the neighborhood kids to do. They each take turns pulling the other one across the yard. And you finally got your turn at it...and loved it just as much as everyone else! 

You made your way onto the landing. Luckily you have only attempted this a time or two more. 
"Mom, can I get a little help here?!?"
Trying to watch some Daniel Tiger with big sister. 
New obsession! You have created your own little water table to play in while I get ready. 
Your "Aunt" Hea was so sweet to let us borrow Ryan's car for a while. And you love it...when your big sister actually lets you use it. 
...and again.
Open Gym at the JCC
First trip to the aquarium for you and Teagan! 
You woke up just in time for the Dolphin show! 
Food Truck Thursdays with Mammy
and a taste of King of Pops 
Memorial Day fun at the lake with both families! 
nappin' at the pool
First time riding in the race car carts! So fun!!! 
Oh...this is your other favorite thing to do. In your excitement you love to bite my shoulder! You're trying it out on Teagan here. Oh my goodness, you do it all.the.time to me. And I'll shout when it really hurts which only makes you give me a sweet smile and giggle before you do it again.
Playdate with sweet Millie Belle {9 days younger than you} 
You love to take a selfie! You think it is so funny to see your face on the screen, which make for some really funny pictures. 
All four looking AND smiling...this might be a first. {Thanks to the selfie mode that you love so much & a cooperative sister!}
We got you a toothbrush and started brushing those two teeth you've had for a little while. Teagan is in charge of this most of the time and she actually is really great at it! {Must have been that practice she got when she tried to brush your teeth in the car after her dentist visit when you were three weeks old.}
Our families came in town for yours and Teagan's dedication. On Saturday we headed to Gigi and Papa G's pool. You went on your first ride down the water slide.}
Although the video looks like it is in slow motion, this was in fact recorded in real time. 

Dedication Sunday! 
{I'll try to get a separate post on that soon!}
Saying bye to Nana & Papa
We love playdates at the pool
...and at the park! 
...and at Dunkin Donuts for National Donut Day! 
Our typical Saturday when we are in town--breakfast at The Flying Biscuit and grocery shopping as a family after! 
...and then there is this. Goodness, my heart could explode. I love, love, love hearing you laugh like this! And the fact that you were laughing with your big sister just makes it even sweeter. This video is almost two minutes long, but this laughter {with the same intensity} had to have lasted at least 4 minutes. 
{We were trying to cheer you up after you bumped your head on Teagan's bed....I'd say it worked.}

monthly pics

Reynolds, we love you to the moon & back! And myyyy goodness, do we feel blessed to get to be your parents!