Thursday, January 15, 2015

#dredays2015: Weeks 1 & 2

This year I thought I would start the challenge of taking one picture a day for the entire year. I've realized how quickly time seems to flash before our eyes, especially when you see these little ones growing up before your eyes. And even though we beg and plead that time could just stand still, it doesn't. So this is my attempt at trying to document these small moments that I know we will cherish. Because this week we're registering Teagan for preschool and before I blink it will be Clemson {right?!}. Our kids will never be younger than they are today {and neither will we for that matter}. I can't wait to look through them all at the end of the year. And I figured I would do a blog post for each week to include the stories behind some of the photos that I don't include on my instagram posts. 

Week 1

Day 1: 2015 started out with family, good food, golf cart rides, and some sweet post lunch snuggles.
Day 2: I Love You, Stinky Face ❤️ 
Teagan loves to have tummy time with Reynolds each night before bed, and our new favorite book to read is "I Love You, Stinky Face." It's a sweet one...and these are sweet little times. 
Day 3: Rainy day fun! The puddles we saw while we ran errands weren't big enough, so we had to search for more.
Day 4: Sunday ❤️ May I never lose the wonder,
oh, the wonder of Your mercy.
May I sing Your hallelujah.
Hallelujah, Amen.
Teagan loves, loves going to church. She especially likes it when her daddy gets to sing some songs. We're thankful for a place that our daughter {and us} look forward to going and that allows Patrick to use some of the talents that God has given him. 

Day 5: This mama woke up not feeling my best, and then this little girl woke up over an hour earlier than normal. So it was a movie and breakfast in bed kind of morning. 
And on that same day: 
Top left: I said we should eat after she said she was hungry. meltdown. {insert early nap followed by sweet moments} Then, bottom right: she face-planted (purposefully from the toilet) when I went to check on her crying brother. Being two is tough...on everyone. 
Thankful that every day is not like this and that even when some are, they are sprinkled with sweet moments. 
Day 6: silly floor dancing with the fam.
I'm serious when I say that we have a dance party almost every single night. It started during the Christmas season, and it has continued. We come up with silly dances to do. This one was "floor dancing" where you stay laying on the floor and can only move your arms and legs to the beat. And as you can see from my face, I take it pretty seriously.  
Day 7: It's "Wipe it down Wednesday" over here {yes, I make up crafty names to get things done} and thanks to this little helper things are getting wiped down that normally don't. She had to take a break to "call" my cousin Mandy. She told her she was cleaning with mommy, she cleaned her castle, daddy is at work, and she needs help to listen and obey. 
I'm not sure whether the cleaning takes twice as long on these days now that she helps, but it sure makes it fun. 

Week 2

Day 8 (part 1): We toured a preschool today. I almost cried but saw the rest of the parents were keeping it together and thought I better too. 
So then I cried more than once when we got home. Teagan loved it and looked up at me when she could tell the tour was ending and said, "Mama, no go home. Stay at school." Her only disappointment was that we didn't ride a school bus to get there. Girl loves school busses. 
Day 8 (part 2): Happy 4 months to our littlest love.

Day 9: dinner with the fam!
The company was great, but the service was terrible. We were there for 2 hours and we ended up taking our food home because it was so late getting to the table. Thankful for scraps from the rest of the fam and fun people to hang with. 
Day 10: Starbucks and IKEA with my sister and my parents. Kristen making the Starbucks run: "So you want a grande non-fat cinnamon dolce......gabbana? Or did I make that part up?" She was serious. 

Day 11: My mom got the first big belly laugh out of this guy yesterday. I've been trying for the last 24 hours to get it again. Finally...success! 
It wasn't quite as big or long as the one that my mom got, but it was definitely a laugh...and I'll take it! 

Also on Day 11, Teagan decided she needed to do some laundry before she got dressed. I die. But her brother's first laugh for mama won out on the #dredays2015. If you can't tell already, I have a hard time with just ONE picture each day. 

Day 12: Happy half birthday to our little girl and her giant personality! 
 Teagan was excited all day about getting to make cupcakes. This girl loves to be in the kitchen with her mama, especially if we're making sweets....and especially especially if she gets to do some tasting. 

Day 13: Taco Tuesday with my little sous chef. 
She was in charge of sprinkling the cheese on....and let's just say we did not go without. 

Day 14: these {not so} little men. 
These guys are 6 weeks apart and already bff. {I mean, we really didn't give them much of a choice.} We have weekly play dates but hadn't seen Ryan and his mama for almost a month with the holidays being so crazy and little colds. Glad to be better and back on schedule. 

Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year! 

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