Thursday, August 27, 2015

Happy 11 months!

Oh my little bug, you are going to be ONE so soon! We love you so very much, and you have filled our lives with even more joy than we thought possible. Life is sometimes crazy and hard and exhausting....but ohhh my, it is filled with so much joy & love too. We wouldn't have it any other way.

This month has been big with milestones! You stood up on your own about a week after you turned 10 months old (July 19th) Then, while playing catch with your daddy for the first time you took your first step (July 22nd)!!! And since I was already trying to record the first game of catch, I got your first step on video too! See that here...

and a few days later it was 2-3 steps...and since then you've been doing it more and more. Now, you'll walk across a whole room. You still have this wide stance when you walk, and it is precious. Some say you look like a little sumo wrestler when you do it.
Sumo stand & grunts...
little wobbly sailor legs...

You took a long break from saying mama but this month you've said it many times! You now can say dada and even daahhh-deee (daddy), uh-oh, baba (byebye), and nanana--which may be you trying to say no-no. You have a Nana, but you probably here "no, no Reynolds" more than you hear Nana's name. Especially since your big sis thinks she's your mom & in charge of you too. ;) Oh, and you kind of think the word "no" is funny. Because most of the time instead of stopping what you are doing you simply smile and get back to it...and you may even give a little giggle.

You haven't quite grasped any of the sign language yet. We're working hard at it though, because your "sign" for more is quite LOUD...and dramatic. See here...
I may have texted both of our moms this day with a request to put Bailey's in my coffee. {don't panic, I didn't.}
Your screams may be at a level 11 on a scale of 1-10, but I gotta is your sweetness and your laughter. Goodness, you're just a passionate little boy. You give the sweetest of snuggles and the loudest of laughs. Your laughter is contagious. Even you will laugh at yourself laughing...

Okay, we are going to seem like mean and terrible parents for this next video. But in our defense, we had no idea you would react this way! Your dad told me to record it just because you would jump and lose your balance each time the jack-in-the-box popped out. But you never seemed scared by it. Poor guy. 
..but the "Teagan-in-a-box"--you love!

Teagan may be your favorite thing...ever! She is sweet to you most of the time, but even when she's not you still adore her. And if she ever has to go to time out for something she did to you, you like to go there with her to keep her company. The smile that you get on your face when you see her is enormous and it melts our hearts. every.time. 

"Are you having so much fun Reynolds?!?" -T
hand holding
Sometimes she'll even give you a pinch of her cookie

You are quite the curious little guy. You love getting in to anything and everything. And you love exploring. I can't wait to see the adventures we get to go on together! 
I need to just dedicate a whole section of each blog post to sleeping baby pics...cannot.get.enough. I may have a problem. 
Cow Appreciation Day...and you got your own meal. 
You may love those grilled nuggets as much as Teagan does. {shhh, don't tell them they offer fried nuggets or fries ;)}
PetLand playdate! 
"Why would you stop sharing your ice cream with me to take a picture? Get back to it lady."
We dropped Teagan off to spend the weekend with Nana and Papa. You just found out you got to go on Mama & Daddy's anniversary trip to Greenville! ha 
Bedtime routine without big sister shenanigans. ;)
We stopped in a toy store and you were so excited to be playing with the toys. 
Someone got a new Clemson shirt! 
Now that you're walking, we gotta practice wearing some shoes. You are already in a size 5....and I don't think you'll be there long. 
We can add these next two pictures to the section of "things you think are good ideas"
{turning on the bath water per usual and then realizing that the faucet can TURN to the floor! Score! ...not!} 
{yeahhh, no sir.}
Zoo day with one of my sweet friends from middle/high school and her precious boy Grady. 
Happy Birthday Mrs. Caroline! {your future mother in law}
I was helping host a baby shower and got these next two pictures from your dad while he was in charge. There's just so much going on in these pictures. 
Playdate with your besties! 
Celebrating that you asked me to read you a book! {didn't quite love them at first. You preferred wrestling on the floor. But now you'll hand us a book to read to you.}
Taco Tuesday with the Fosters 
you love to share ;)
The McGuires are in town! 
We love Uncle Joe! 
In North Augusta to celebrate your Papa's birthday and we got to visit with Mema too! 
You still love a good selfie. 
Proof you had a cozy coupe. 
{even if I gave it away to your best friend}
...but he's a good best friend. See how he's dropping you some food?!? 
I'm pretty sure it was 3:30 in the afternoon. We were all still in pjs. And I'm pretty sure a sleepless night was to blame. ;)
Happy 11 months to our little bug! 

monthly pics 

We love you to the moon and back little bug!