Friday, January 2, 2015

Merry, Merry...third {and final} round!

After our eventful Christmas Eve night, we got a little bit of a later start leaving North Augusta and heading to Columbia to spend time with Patrick's family. Fortunately Teagan seemed much better when she woke up in the morning, so we were still able to open presents and have breakfast together.
 The only thing that Joe asked for was a Delta gift certificate so he could come to Atlanta and see Teags and Reyns again soon. Seriously awesome uncle. 
 We got Pappy {as a joke} some silver polish for his trophies. This man has earned so many trophies over the years {In fact, he was just awarded the National Tennis High School Coach of the Year and will have another one to add to his collection soon}, but Mammy let him know they wouldn't be on display in the new house unless they were cleaned. Get to scrubbin' Pappy. 
Teagan's gift to Pappy: a cow cup that is made for chocolate milk. This was definitely the thing she had the hardest time giving away. She got her Mammy Christmas tree napkins. And she got Joe some "lollypops...just like Teagan," but those somehow fell out of our cart and didn't make it home with us, so we still owe him. :) 
"Thanks Mammy and Pappy for an orange ball so my mom doesn't continue to give me my sister's old pink one."
We had to take a break for naps before we could finish off with the annual scavenger hunt. 
...oh wait, wrong picture. This was actually Pappy falling asleep before Teagan's bedtime. Like father, like son. Patrick does this all the time too. 
Scavenger hunt...
Pappy loves to send us upstairs, downstairs, outside, back upstairs, outside get the drift. And we may or may not have still been in pjs. And it may or may not have been 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon by the time we got to the scavenger hunt. The neighbors probably thought we were crazy. 
Check out Teagan trying to fight off doggy kisses. 

Christmas night, Diane had her side of the family over for dinner. Unfortunately, we think Teagan overdid it because her fever struck again right before everyone got there. So in attempt to not get others sick, we hung out upstairs and played games to get her to eat and take her tylenol. Once she was down for the night, we came down to hang out with everyone. 
Teagan always {as in her last 2 Christmases because she was too small for her first} makes cookies with Mammy. This is something that Diane always did with the boys and termed them 'booger cookies' because when kids make them and their hands are a little grimey, you never know exactly what you're eating...but you know you are making memories. 
After the cookies were made, we spent a lot of time on the couch watching Teagan's new Disney movies and taking it easy to make sure that the fever didn't come back. And fortunately, it hasn't.

It was a wonderful Christmas season spent with family, and I'm so sad that it is over. It is such a magical time, and I love the opportunity of getting to see it through our kids' eyes. Only 357 more days until next Christmas!

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  1. Okay I've said this before, but your sweet little family makes me so excited about having toddlers and more than one babe. Y'all are great. :)