Friday, January 30, 2015

#dredays2015 Week 4

Day 22: This guy spent his day learning how to roll over back to front. And boycotted his naps because he was so busy practicing. And he hasn't stopped doing it since. {Thankfully it hasn't been affecting his sleep since.}
Day 23: Highlight of my day-- this guy arriving home safely at 4am after a long night of travel.
There were all kinds of flight delays and it was a crazy night of travel with lots of changes, and LOTS of running for him {I told him I was picturing Home Alone kind of running though the airport. I'm pretty sure it was something similar}. He finally got a flight in to Charlotte and then rented a car to drive home. I set my alarm every 30-45 minutes to call him and make sure he was staying awake. 
Day 24: We headed back to Lake Oconee for the day because Pappy had an interview of sorts. Patrick wanted to go since his dad was going to be there and it isn't that far away...and after having him gone for a couple of days I wasn't ready to have him leave again. So we piled the whole family in the car and made a day trip. We went to the indoor pool, had lunch, watched Pappy run a tennis practice, and then hit up the driving range. It was my first time swinging a real golf club. Complete with comments from T like: "No Mommy, here's the ball." "No Mommy, back and through!" and "Here, I'll show you Mommy." I'd like to think I wasn't THAT bad. Patrick said there was a vast improvement from my first shot to my last. Because after totally whiffing the ball on the first try you can only go up. Ha, lots of fun and I'll be long as there are minimal people there to see me. 
Day 25: family walks
Day 26: Story time with friends. Thinking we might start making this our Monday tradition. And don't let Reynolds fool you, he had fun. 
Teagan wanted to wear her costume from last Halloween {as in 2013}. I told her it was too small and when she finally got it on, she told me "It is fit mom. It not to little. See!" Oh boy. 
 Day 27: this guy. So thankful for these days at home with my little loves.
 ...even if moments later it looks like this. 
{because blankie needed washing and she can't stand to be without it. And I'm not sure what Reynolds was upset about. I don't think I could hear him over T.} 
Day 28: Girls dinner out thanks to some awesome dads. 

Hope your week has been great! 

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