Friday, May 30, 2014

22 months!

Oh goodness Teagan Leigh, you're almost 23 months and here I am late again with your post. I can't wait for your 23 month post though because I feel like you have changed so much in the last month. Here's a recap of what the last month has been.

 A little fashionista is what you have started to become. You certainly have an opinion on what you would like to wear and your dad lets you do whatever that is...even if that means boots in the heat of the summer. 
 You've become a lot more independent too. Like putting yourself in the bath. This time I told you "Let's get undressed," but I meant BEFORE you got in the tub and sat down. I guess I'll have to start clarifying things a little more.
...and then this time when you insisted that you needed to put your clothes on yourself. 
 You love the zoo...and you especially love the pink flamingos at the zoo. You just giggle the whole time and don't want to leave. I personally have never found them overly interesting. You'll have to let me know one day what it is exactly about them.
Leg up like the flamingos. 
 We had so much fun with you this Easter. We had your friend Evie over on Saturday and you got to do crafts, dye eggs, and have an indoor (because of the rain) egg hunt. Now whenever you hear 'eggs' you think of Evie...or vice-versa.
You seriously thought that this was so much fun!! 
Easter morning bunny waffles! 
refusing to look at the camera for your Easter picture. Ohhh my word your little dress. I just loved it. 
Trying on your fairy wings and headband before heading to church. 
A friend from church invited us to come over for an Easter egg hunt...and this time it got to be outside! You little maam racked up on the candy too! Goodness. And you now know the word empty-because when you would find the eggs a second time in the house you didn't like that they were empty. 
We took you to the Lemonade days again this year-a little fair that is right down the street from us. And this time you got to ride some things. We had so much fun watching you have all your fun! After we got off the first ride and you immediately asked for "more," your dad determined that you must have gotten the loving to ride rides from the Boynton side. His parents used to pay them to not go the fair. ;)
Now this was a funny site to see :) 

 When we were at your Mammy and Pappy's house, you desperately wanted to get in the pool-even though it was freezing! Little by little your little clothes started coming off. Cutest little buns I've ever seen.
 ...and then I found you in the crib a couple of days later dancing/jumping the nakey dance. I have a video too, but it might be a little too incriminating for all to see. ;)

 And for some other sweet moments this month...
Lipgloss for Pappy
Daddy was put in charge of watching the kids-and just a few minutes later everyone was drenched from head to toe from jumping in puddles. I'm not sure the other mom knew what she signed up for. The hose had to be brought up to clean them up. 
Playing in a jump house at the Dunwoody Arts Festival
Redneckin' it in the front yard...
Chillin' out in the neighbor's driveway eating a sandwich. 
...and some hand holding love. You've also started giving us hugs and rubbing our back when you do. Gooooodness, I melt. 

Sweet Teagan Leigh, you bring so much joy to our lives. We love you so, so much!

It's a boy!!!

We found out last week  4 weeks  5 weeks ago (when I started this post) that baby McGuire is a BOY!!! I think I am still processing this news. I always wanted a boy, but I think being at the point where I am faced with the realization that we are actually going to have one brings me to another realization that I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a lot of work to do learning about all the different super heros...but, I can't wait to see a little tot running around our house in a cape and getting to take him to t-ball practice. We are so excited about the adventures that lie ahead. Here's a little look in to how we decided to find out...
We couldn't have driven our family more crazy with this decision. At least we didn't make them wait too long and opened the envelope that night.
Because when you're getting another sibling and your life as you know it is about to be should at least get a cupcake. :) 
She took her time with the icing...
And then the note with the ultrasound pics to confirm that the Publix ladies did not make a mistake....because the one that I gave the instructions to seemed very confused by the idea. :) 
The size of the bump at the time. 
And a first purchase for our little man. Ohhhh goodness. Polo and stripes. I might die. 
Your big sister did a good job telling the family whether she was getting a sister or a brother, but since then she is convinced otherwise. Here's what she thinks that you might be...and she seems to be sticking to this idea. 

We love you so much little man! ...and your big sister does too-even if she thinks there's a chance you're going to be a puppy at this point. We look forward to the fun and sweet memories that you're about to add to our family. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

21 months

Here I go again getting way behind on posts. Sorry sweet girl...but this time I did write a few things down to make sure that I remembered. Here are some quick highlights from the month in hopes that I can finish this before you turn 22 months. :)

You give the sweetest and most excited Yeah's and silly no's. I've tried to capture this on camera, but haven't quite gotten it. If anyone has been around you this past month though, they probably know what I'm talking about.

You absolutely love your friend EllaKate. The two of you squeal and clap in excitement when you see each other in the morning. Here is a picture of you two dancing at the mere sight of each other. It makes both of your mamas very happy!

You've started to say thank you which sounds a little more like "tank chu" and it is so stinkin' sweet. I love it.

You had your first 24 hour bug on March 29th. The first incident, we just thought that you had too much milk to drink too quickly, so we proceeded with our day because you were acting normal. {That is, after I finished my conversation with the Comcast man at our house covered in throw up and had to strip the couch down to wash it. Thank goodness for slipcovers and kind technicians.} We had a wonderful breakfast at the Flying Biscuit and then throw up incident #2 happened in Trader Joes. Oh goodness, so thankful for sweet, sweet workers there. They even gave you some ginger chews on the house to try to help your tummy ache. At that point, we knew that something must be up. You were fine the rest of the day until 11 o'clock at night when #3 occurred. Luckily your first stomach bug only had those 3 incidents.

...not so lucky was the fact that it was only the start to your tough weekend. The next day, you fell down about 6 stairs and landed on the back of your head as your legs flew over you. I saw the entire thing as if in slow motion and it was so, so scary. We are so very thankful for God's protection over you though-we easily could have found ourselves in the ER after that fall. And you poor thing, the next day you fell at the playground....on your head again. Your dad and I considered wrapping you in bubble wrap after that. And again couldn't get over how blessed we were that God was looking out for you. Whew....what a weekend.
...and after
You've started to call me by saying "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Maaaaaama!!!" Pretty funny. And since you've started you've added other things to the list to call. The funniest is probably when you were with your Nana waiting at Sonic and you started saying "Ohhhhhhhhh num nums (your word for anything yummy)" until the lady brought the order to the car.

You rubbed my pregnant belly the other day and kissed it-totally unprompted. And it made my heart melt.

You'll say, "Num, num....yeths?!?" to offer your food to someone. Even to the passing drivers on the road as you eat your snack.

You've started to turn our face to make us listen to you. You get that sweet little hand on our cheek and make us look you in the eye when you want to tell us something...and will continue to repeat yourself until we get the message.

You'll ask to hold our hand. Again, I melt. Sometimes it is because you're scared of the vacuum cleaner and other times its just because you're watching Frozen and you want to hold our hand. Sweetness overload.

Speaking of are absolutely obsessed. You love dancing to all of the songs, however for some reason with this movie you refuse to dance alone and I must hold you and spin you around as we sing the song. It's a workout with your 28 pound self and my pregnant self, but I love it so much and dreamed of these days when I found out I was having a girl so I don't mind it at all.

And now here's a look at some other moments this month...
Family Beach Trip! 
First trip to the did great! 

You love to floss. It's the first thing that you go for when you come in to our bathroom, and you normally make one of us floss with you.
These two sweet neighborhood boys went and got you a bike and helped show you how to ride it since they were out riding theirs. Sweetness. 
Cayden and Caroline's birthday party! 
showing 'Rillo how to blow bubbles 
Mood minute...
...and the next. 
Enjoying some of these nice spring days 

You're really good at giving hints. I'll hear you rummaging through the pantry and then you come out with something like this and say, "Yeths?! Tank chu." Thanking me advance in hopes that my answer is yes.
That time I told you to get a tissue for your nose and you got almost the whole roll.
You insisted on the tutu and putting it on yourself. I think it looks great. 
Teagan Leigh, we still catch ourselves staring at your monitor at night and saying to each other that you have got to be the sweetest thing in the entire world. Don't get me wrong, you certainly have some spicy moments, but you have brought so much joy to our lives with your 21 months that we can barely stand it. Your mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back little one!