Friday, November 6, 2015

All things Fall & Festive

The month of October was filled with all things Fall and festive. I absolutely love Fall and the excitement that everyone seems to share over it. We tried to make the most of our October with lots of fun. 

We visited Stone Mountain for the first time as a family. We went for the pumpkin festival but that ended up just being a small part of all the fun that we had while there. 
Reynolds tried to pick up every pumpkin there, including this giant fake one...
A real train ride! 
We painted pumpkins! They loved it...and surprisingly most of the paint made it on the pumpkins!  
...and then I got crafty during nap time. 
We went to our church's Fall Festival, and it was so much fun! We also decorated our car for their trunk or treat, but I didn't manage to get a picture of the car. It was Frozen themed though...made Teagan really happy. ;)
Reynolds got the hang of trunk-or-treating pretty quickly! He would {sometimes} "say" something for trick or treat and then would sign thank you after he grabbed as many pieces as he could. ;)
Reynolds loved throwing the candy! 
Then we hit up the trunk-or-treat at Teagan's preschool! Olaf and Anna...I melt. 
And then we traveled to Kinsey Family Farm with Hea & Ryan to get a hayride in before it was too late. And I'm so glad we did! We all had a wonderful time. Teagan kept telling me thank you on the way home that she had so much fun. 
I love that you can see how hesitant both Reynolds and I are in this picture. ha
Teagan though....girl loves cows. I mean she did ask for a cow necklace for Christmas last year. ha
We cheese hard. 
pickin up pumpkins again
I made a rule with Teagan that we could only buy a pumpkin that she could pick up herself. I have a feeling that that rule won't save us too much money with this guy for long though...
I meeaaaannnnnn.....I just can't. 
And then before we knew it, it was Halloween! This is not a holiday I ever loved growing up...but oh my goodness do I love it as a mom. {and I'm still kind of anti anything scary or gory...yuck! In my mind Halloween can just be about cute princesses, superheros, and free candy!} 
We started the day with a family breakfast at our house and the kids all came dressed up! 
And then some of our friends came back over that night for Brunswick Stew and trick-or-treating with the neighbors! 
It was a FUN month...but I'm going to be honest and say for the first time I had to show some major self control to not decorate for Christmas once November 1st hit. Week of Thanksgiving is my normal go-to time to decorate...but this year I just want to get in the Christmas spirit extra early! As for now, no decorations are up. I can't promise anything for next week though. ;)