Friday, September 14, 2012

happy two months!

Well Teagan, at two months it is definitely safe to say that you are finally loving your baths. love them. Like I actually gave you a bath the other night to calm you down. You are still loving the outdoors, but we're having to be extra careful with all the west nile scares. You're still smiling...and you continue to melt our heart with every single one of your smiles. You've even started cooing some. You're holding your head up really well now, but it can still get a little wobbly when you start to get tired. You love to push up with your legs and 'stand up' while we hold on to you.  I'm thinking you might be walking before you crawl with your continued dislike of tummy time. No new developments there. Although you were sucking your fingers hours after you were born, you've started to get a little better at it. You aren't really consistent with which fingers you choose, and you get quite frustrated when they don't stay in your mouth. (You haven't quite caught on to the fact that you dear are the one that controls them :) ). You are getting too tall for your 0-3 month footed pajamas and your feet are a little snug in them too. (Sorry sweetie, you really didn't have a chance with your dad and me.) You've gone down to only 5 feedings a day, sleeping from about 9-7 with an occasional waking so that you can see your dad. :) You are getting your evening bottle from your dad, and you do not care whether it might be too cool or too warm, as long as you are getting milk! hence all the extra rolls and fuller cheeks. You're awake more during the day, giving me more time to play with you, and I love it! I think you've also started to realize when we leave the room and you like to express your dislike for that as well. I'm trying hard not to spoil you, but you make it really hard. :) We love you to pieces sweet girl!

big things at 2 months

loving bath time

growing out of your pjs
I'm going to miss this little bumblebee butt. might have to get you these pjs in the next size up too :) 

trying out the bumbo for the first time


getting shots :(

2 month photoshoot 

Teagan doing her own "McKayla Maroney-not impressed" face. 
If you aren't sure what I'm talking about-google it or check it out here

sweetest smile 

the "my pacie just fell out and i'm about to get grumpy" face

sweet girl in her crib

Comparison Pictures

We might not be able to do this one much longer...didn't realize how quickly she'd be growing out of this laundry basket. 

growing girl :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

family lovin'

Our sweet girl turns 2 months old tomorrow!

...I'm starting to sense a theme running through this blog.  I'm learning a lot about myself through this process-never realized that I was someone who had a really hard time moving on. In fact, I probably would have said the opposite about myself. Wrong. As I was writing Teagan's birth story in a journal to her the other day, I couldn't help but wish that we could just do it over again...again & again & again (yes, I'd even do the labor & delivery again...100 times). I want to make sure that I soak in every single second of our little one growing up. I made a promise to myself and to Teagan the other day that all the other "stuff" can wait until she's napping-because she's still doing a lot of it. Laundry, dishes, cleaning, and yes even facebook & instagram can wait. Sure, there will be times that I have to double task to get things done in time, but I only have 42 1/2 more days of maternity leave and I want to make sure I take full advantage of it. Teagan, I promise to play and sing to you and let my face be one of the ones you see during tummy time-not just Olivia the Owl and Waud L. Duck. :) I want to be fully present and not take for granted this wonderful gift that God has given us.

Alright, on to the updates and pictures. I'll do her 2 month post on Friday after our doctor's appointment & I have all her 'stats'.

Labor Day Weekend

We stayed in town for the holiday weekend and had family visiting. My sister Lauren came in town for the Clemson v Auburn game and Patrick's mom & dad were just wanting some sweet Teagan time. My other sister Kristen and her family were also in town. Lots of fun was had. :) 

3 generations :) 

Teagan loves her Mammy! 

She loves her Pappy too!

We went to the pool on Saturday for another one of Patrick's pool volleyball tournaments...which his team won...again! Teagan had a good excuse to wear her swimsuit...even though we stayed in the shade and she was covered the whole time. :) 

Her "Wait, did you just say my dad is a gamecock?!?" face. Yes, we still love him though. 

Teagan's first Clemson Game! :) Kristen made little tutus for the girls. 

I think someone mentioned something about her dad being a Gamecock again...and Caroline is thinking, "excuse me...what did you say?!?!"

Home for some great-grandma lovin'

Patrick's Granny turned 87 this past week! She is awesome and just as spry as ever. Love her. We made plans to go to Columbia for her birthday party...and of course had to make a stop in Augusta on the way. Here's my grandmother Mema with Teagan. Excuse the no clothes, I think we had just gotten her out of her pjs. 

Making faces with Mema :) 

so sweet! 

Happy 87th birthday Granny! She loves her little great-grandbaby and is excited to now be in the great-grandma club like the rest of her friends. how cute.

giving T her evening bottle 

i could just cry i'm so in love with this girl. 
both wearing our Clemson/Furman purple :)

Mammy and T

my little family :) 

kisses for her face. she really does like us, promise. 

Teagan next to her name that was powerwashed into the driveway by her Pappy. He was smitten with her before she even was born. :) 

We stopped back in North Augusta on the way home for a visit with the Beauforts...and a planned little matching outfit cuteness. 

matchy, matchy! 

sister pic with our kiddos...and Cayden semi-cooperating :) 

Caroline: "It's okay Teagan, we'll get through this silly photoshoot together."

Cayden offering some entertainment. Caroline loves her big brother! 

wait a you see what I see?! look closely......closer. yep, that's a little sneak peak at Teagan's neck. she likes to show off every now and then. :) 


 Excuse the naked baby pic, but oh my goodness. I just love this picture of her-all those rolls and that sweet little face. I can't look at this and not smile. 

Another dinner date/play date with the Marshalls. Love them so much.  

Technically their first matching outfit picture but it is hard to tell with the lighting. They both have on their little Polo dresses. 

More updates on Friday after her doctor's appointment. :)