Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy 11 months!

How in the world has it almost been a year? T Leigh, your personality has only developed even more since last month. I didn’t think it was possible for things to get more fun, but oh my. Your dad and I will just sit back and laugh with each other while we watch you sometimes. You are finding ways to communicate with us, and it is so much fun. It does however sometimes create a frustration for you…and maybe me. With your growing personality and showing excitement over things also comes your showing your displeasure with others. Maybe it is that top tooth that still hasn’t broken through…separation anxiety…or maybe it is your frustration to not be able to communicate as much as you’d like. You’ve become a lot more snuggly too, and you know your momma loves that. Oh my goodness, it never gets old…I will love those snuggles forever sweet girl. You love to give major squeezes and kisses to us now-and even to your stuffed animals. So, so sweet.

Communicating: You’ve started to really pick up on some of the sign language that we’ve taught you. You can do all done, more, and please. You give the all done sign whenever you see the vacuum…or the whole time that I’m holding you as I vacuum (because you, sweet one, are quite scared of that thing). You can also shake your head no…at first it didn’t seem to mean anything, but I’m pretty sure it does now. In fact, one day you looked at the food you dropped on the floor, looked at me, and shook your head no….then smiled big. So hard to not laugh at that and send you conflicting messages. You are very aware that you are not supposed to drop food off of your tray, but one day you were not enjoying your scrambled eggs-looked straight at me and dropped some egg. When I told you no, you got the biggest tears, folded over and laid your head down on your tray, then reached out for me. Melted my heart…but your first meltdown of me telling you no was also a little comical. You are saying “mama” and “dada”…and I think you might be saying “ba” for book, ball, and bottle.

Games: You can play “Where’s Teagan?” Ahh, this is so much fun! You first started being able to play it by pulling Bernie the Bunny or a blanket over your face and then pulling it down when I say “Where’s Teagan?” Now, you’ve learned to play peek-a-boo with your hands too! Oh my goodness, those sweet hands don’t always cover your eyes completely which makes the game even funnier. You can blow kisses now too. You love to copy us--smack, give cheesy squinted eye grins, and many other things, but probably our favorite is when you copy us laughing. I can be on the phone with someone and laugh and then hear this little chuckle from you because you are trying to join in on the fun. Makes me laugh even more. Now that summer has arrived, we’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool. You LOVE the water! It doesn’t matter how cold it is, you love it! 

Things you're learning/Milestones: You can now drink out of a straw…and we’ve tried to transition you to a straw cup for your milk, but you weren’t having it yet. So for now, you're drinking water out of your cup. Most days you seem to be a lot more interested in the food rather than the milk. It has been a struggle to try to get the minimum 24 ounces in each day…and many days we don’t quite make it. You can unlock my phone now and get pretty proud of yourself when you do. You love to play your Fisher Price games or look at the pictures. You can point to mommy or daddy’s nose…and you try to point to your own but that’s a little harder-you get in the general area though. You aren’t walking yet, but you can walk while holding only one of our hands-although sometimes it is more work than you are looking for.
Other milestones: 
-first ear infection on May 22nd-mommy’s last day of school with the students, so your dad took you to the doctor and your “aunt” Steph babysat for us. 
-first trip to the zoo, and you loved it! (June 1st)
-first 2 nights away from mommy and daddy (We had a wedding in Nashville)-You stayed with Mrs. Stacey and had the best time hanging out with Makenzie. 

11 month firsts and fun

You made my first mother's day so special! 
hanging with your friend Perry
one more visit to momma's school before the year is over
sweetest hugs
last ride in your baby girl carseat 
first ride in the new one
first time in Mammy and Pappy's pool
enjoying Pappy's pancakes..and your milk from a big girl cup
first ride on Mammy and Pappy's boat
very tiring...

fun in the sun
first trip to the zoo! 
giving hugs to your bunny
hanging by the pool and watching/flirting with the boys playing four square
a visit with sweet Maggie and Angela (..and although we don't have other pictures to prove it, your Aunt Hea visits a lot in the summer too)
when you don't feel like picking up the strawberry
you are quite amused with rocks :)
trying out the rocking horse that Mammy and Pappy got you
trying out the beach chair
taking selfies with momma
your mood swings on some you either way
you love to turn on your sound machine before naps
lots of love in this pic
staying the night with Mrs. Stacey...she's awesome! 
happy to have you back home after a weekend away! 
oh boy. relaxing in your chair. 
...and for the video fun! 
kissing my leg and laughing...this went on for a while
shaking your head no
teasing momma by pretending to drop your food and shake your head no
peek-a-boo! (your dad is quite the goof in this one)
signing please

11 month photoshoot

hugs for her doll! 
sharing the love
This girl loves relaxing in her chair. 

comparison pics

We love you to the moon and back, T Leigh! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First trip to the zoo!

We recently took our first trip to the zoo, and Teagan loved it! We had been wanting to take her, but didn't know if it was too early for her to enjoy it. She loved the animals, and like her mom I think the gorillas were her favorite. She waved and squealed when she saw them. She liked the elephants a lot too. Here are some pictures from our trip.

love our matching faces 
riding on daddy's shoulders...(little kangaroos behind that were too lazy to hop for us)
in the parakeet house
watching the elephants again

maybe I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure this was the cutest lion at the zoo
posing with Willie B.
watching the gorillas 
posing with Sophie :)  
We can't wait for more trips to the zoo with our girl!