Tuesday, February 12, 2013

happy 7 months!

Okay, seriously, where has the past month gone?!? This last month seems to have passed faster than any of the others. You are one sweet, happy, squealy little girl. I've been struggling a little more going to work now because your personality is so.much.fun. Who could want to leave that?! But I know that Mrs. Stacey takes such wonderful care of you and kisses on those cheeks at least half as much as I would. You like to show your excitement by squealing, kicking, and flapping your arms.

New things this month: You have rolled over from your back to your front, and you have gotten quite good at it too. You hardly even fuss any more with tummy time. You've started saying "bababa" and "mamama", but it is just babble and not in reference to anything in particular yet. You are moving from what I used to call a very content baby to a really happy one-smiling, cooing, and squealing more and more-even smiling at strangers rather than giving them the "you're crazy" look. You have started to figure out just how loud you can squeal-luckily all of your really loud noises are happy ones. You rarely cry-just a few whimpers occasionally when you are getting too tired. In fact, we've just realized you have not only 1 but 2 teeth coming in now....and the only sign you gave us was lots and lots of drooling and a little congested too, but seriously no sleepless nights. We think you're pretty amazing.  You've become more and more interested in the food that we are eating and like to sample anything that we'll let you. You LOVE sitting like a big girl in shopping carts and in highchairs. We've started trying a sippy cup with water and some puffs. You've gotten pretty good at the puffs but are still figuring out the sippy cup. We're trying to teach you sign language for please, more, and all done...but your sign for more seems to be banging on the high chair. We'll continue to work on those manners. :)

Things you love: You have really started liking your toys...especially your Laugh and Learn Puppy that your dad has named 'Unnamed Dog' because we don't actually have a name for him. You squeal out of control when we pull that little puppy out. You may give it the same reaction that you give me when I pick you up in the afternoon. You like dumping your basket of toys and pulling everything out. You really like playing chase, hide & go seek, and peek-a-boo with your daddy and me. You are also quite the fan of "giddy up horsey" too. You are fun....lots of fun!

7 month firsts and fun

visits to see mommy at work! :) 

 happy 30th birthday to your old man! 
 holding hands with your sweet friend Ella Kate 
 first time trying Flying Biscuit's creamy dreamy grits

 lots of concentration to get those puffs!
 and then sometimes they end up on your hand after all that work
 sippy cup practice
you've gotten much better at the puffs since we first started
first time having fro-yo...you LOVED it...and demanded more. oh boy! 
your first tennis lesson with Pappy/learning to roll the ball 

a happy Saturday or Sunday morning playing with your toys

7 month photoshoot

Comparison Pics

We love you to the moon and back sweet girl! There are not enough words to tell you how much you mean to us and no numbers high enough to count how many smiles you have brought to our faces. We mean it when we say we feel so, so, so lucky to be called your parents. We thank God every day that He gave us you. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

happy 30th!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful husband & father...and my best friend. Patrick turned 30 on Saturday. I could spend a long time write ooey-gooey gushy stuff about how wonderful he is and how much I love him, but I'll save that for him. He is quite the low key guy, happiest with a calm night at home...so that's exactly how we celebrated. His parents came in town to help celebrate. We enjoyed some time by the river, frozen yogurt, and the traditional birthday dinner since I've known him-crab cake sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and a caesar salad. Patrick also enjoyed a good butt-kickin playing tennis with his oh, so talented dad. Today followed with a celebratory breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, but who am I kidding-we celebrate every Sunday with that breakfast. :)

sweet girl passed out from all the fun 
 option 1-P talking
 option 2-Pappy not looking
 my bestie :) 

 my handsome hubs
he might be 30, but he is still a kid at heart. so much fun. :)
Teagan wanted in on the frozen yogurt...she was a really big fan! We might have a problem. 
 birthday boy's dinner of choice