Tuesday, August 13, 2013

13 months!

It has been 13 months of fun with you sweet girl!

You are talking more and more. You've added cheese, blueberries {bu-bus}, bellybutton {bu-bu-bu...very similar to blueberries but you (and we) can tell a difference}, eyes, and water {wawa} to your vocabulary. While I was holding you the other day (and you've done it more since), you pointed to me, tapped my chest and said Mama. melt.my.heart. Your favorite word still might be Dada...and sometime it is just Dad. Sounds so grown up. You'll call for him saying Daaad?!? definitely with correct intonation of trying to ask where he is.You love to have conversations with him too. The other night it sounded like this:
T: "Dad?!"
Patrick: "Yes ma'am??"
T: "Wawawawawa"
T: "Dad?!"
Patrick: "Yes??"
T: "Wawawawawa"
...and it repeated at least 5 times while we were having dinner. cuteness. 

You can make the sound of an elephant and will sometimes even do the arm motion with it. You can hear a plane before I can and you point to the sky and say brrrr to make the noise of the plane. You also can tell us what a fan does-you'll go woo-woo-woo as you spin your hand in a circle. You like to wave goodbye and say byebye to your swing when we finish swinging. (best birthday present by the way...you love that thing!) We love all your little tricks. :)

Speaking of tricks...you've also become quite the trickster yourself. You think it is hilarious to offer us food and then pull it away while shaking your head. You are such a tease. And then you give the biggest, cheesy grin and giggle. It makes us laugh each time-and is just so much fun to see that you are able to interact with us in a playful way.

You are umm quite obsessed with belly buttons. I'm not sure how/why this happened. You will try to lift anyone's shirt while signing please and saying bu-bu-bu to let us know you want to see it. You'll then poke it. One of your baby dolls has a belly button and you like to check for it too. Ha...fine for us, but when you do it to the photographer for your 1 year pics and all your babysitters it can get a little funny.

I've caught you playing peek-a-boo with yourself in the mirror. Oh my word. Precious. I even caught it on video. I love the third time you do it...as if you're going to trick/sneak up on yourself.

You've become...what's the word??...neurotic maybe? Most nights you cannot go to sleep if the laundry door is open. That's because the vacuum cleaner is in there. If the door is even slightly cracked, you will point and sign please vigorously until we take you to the laundry room and you can say byebye to the vacuum and shut the door. You even did it for Nana when she kept you, but luckily I had already warned her about it so she knew what you wanted. Maybe you're scared of it and you need to make sure it is locked away? Who knows...it's kind of cute though. :)  ...you've also started to have to give a goodnight kiss to the little figurine that I was given when I turned 1 year old on your shelf.  Ha-it isn't like I encourage these behaviors. {to which your dad just laughed out loud and said was a lie} You just know exactly what you want and won't rest until you get it.

You got the nasty, dreaded Hand Foot Mouth. Oh my goodness. Wouldn't wish that on anyone...and I don't even think you got it as bad as it can get.  It lasted a full week. Poor thing though, we realized later that through all of that you were also cutting your top 2 molars. I guess it was nice to just be over and done though right?! You now have 10 teeth!

You're still not drinking milk...no updates there. Just getting in your dairy however else we can. You also have started dropping the food you don't like again...or in protest if we aren't giving you what you want. It has been a little bit of a struggle. Meal time can sometimes be exhausting and other times you do just fine. It's more that you know exactly what you want...but animal crackers are more of a treat than they are a meal. Overall though, you still love your veggies, fruits, yogurt, & tilapia...just about anything really!

Surprisingly, we still don't have an official walker. You've stood on your own and have taken a few steps!!! Yay! It started a few days ago-mostly a few steps as you fell toward your dad or me. Just last night though you were really improving. Still no official stand up on your own with a mission and take a few steps. You've only really done it if we stand you up and you walk to one of us. Here's a good video to show what it looks like.

You have a huge case of mommy-itis. Thought this would have been over and done with by now, but oh my goodness. You can sense when I'm about to leave you and you just melt. You pretty much do it with anyone too...even Mrs. Stacey who you absolutely adore! She has said you've gotten a little better though. Makes it so tough though to leave you when you are just screaming for me. Breaks my heart...every.single.time. The only time I can recall you not doing it was with your "Aunt" Steph. You smiled and waved bye-bye to me when it was time for me to leave. That made me happy...and I know it made your Aunt Steph feel pretty special too.

Pictures of all the fun!

2nd trip to the zoo with your "Aunt" Hea, Karen, and Jackson

pool days :) 
loving one of your birthday presents! 
taking your babies for a stroll
We had your 1 year pics taken...can't wait to see how they all turned out. This one was just from my phone. 

at the doctor's office...being sick is no fun!   
You might be a little smitten with Phillip Phillips. You stopped all playing to watch him sing...even kept watching while Ellen was interviewing him. ha :)  
still sick with hfm :( no fun...but the snuggles sure are nice! 

Playing with the neighbors
giving the figurine a kiss goodnight 

Your dad stayed home with you one day when I had to go into work. You two had the best time: date at chickfila, trip to trader joes, and an evening trip to the pool.  
last day of summer break with the girls 
First day back at Mrs. Stacey's must have been exhausting. You don't ever fall asleep in the car.  
two little twinkies on a search for food. 
you both have a mohawk...Caroline's is just a little shorter. sweet girl. 
getting food at Papa G and Grammy Pam's...no way!?!?
first golf cart ride...clearly impressed 
Neil wanted to push you :)  
let you have a taste of milkshake...you were begging for more!!  

big girl! :)
Ending a fun day with Evie and the girls with bath time (while Aunt Hea read you stories)

You love reading! :) 
Should I go down a size?! (Love putting on our shoes!)
Uh-oh. Time to get a gate for the bottom of the stairs. You are fast.

More video fun

Throwing Noah's Ark out...
saying your words...
trying to say your name
Thought this post was going to be short and sweet...seems there was a little more to tell you than I thought.

We love you to the moon and back! 

a happy 3 years

A little late on posting, but Patrick and I recently celebrated 3 years of marriage. Love him more with each year!

Year 1...San Fran and Napa. Can we go back?!?
Year 2...super tired (and teary) eyes with a 5 day old at home. :) 
Year 3 :) 
Our first mini-celebration was on our anniversary. "Aunt" Steph and "Uncle" Dustin came over to watch Teagan while we went to dinner and a movie. Took us an hour to get to dinner in the rain and rush hour...we missed our reservation and ended up at Jonny Rocket's before going to see the movie we had already paid for. Ha, a somewhat comical anniversary date night.
T loves her Aunt Steph! :)
oh yeahh, Jonny Rockets. super fancy. :) 
The next weekend, my parents came to watch Teagan so we could go on a little trip. It was only the second time that we left Teagan and although we missed her lots, it was so nice to get away just the 2 of us! We had the best time with each other.
We went to the north Georgia wine country and stayed at a bed and breakfast in Dahlonega. I was wondering how we would like north Georgia after being spoiled by Napa 2 years ago. While it couldn't beat the panoramic views of northern California, it still was very nice and tons of fun! ...and only an hours drive from our house!

We first headed to the outlet malls on the way. A true sign of love for Patrick to go shopping with me. Loved it...and he at least pretended to. :)
outlet mall excitement
Our next stop was lunch at Wolf Mountain Vineyards. We loved this place-nice people, beautiful vineyard, and delicious food and wine!
pretending we learned things from our Napa trip and can pick up on the different notes
We then headed to Long Mountain Lodge to check in at the bed and breakfast. We spent some time relaxing and exploring the grounds before heading to dinner. 
sweet little touch...and tasty! 
Wishing he had brought his fishing pole. :)  
dinner at Corkscrew cafe on the square 
Looking forward to the 75+ anniversaries and adventures to come with my love. :)