Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Happy 15 & 16 months!

Reynolds, you turned 16 months today a couple of weeks ago and you are one fun guy. And sweet. Oh my goodness are you a sweet little snuggler. And no matter how many times you snuggle me....I can.not.get.enough! Your 15 month post never made it up soooo we're just going to combine it into 1.

I think the biggest change in the last two months has been vocabulary. You are saying so much now! You'll either randomly repeat a word that you hear or label things for us as a way of communicating/showing your excitement.

You even string together 3 words at a time. It hit us when you looked up at me one day and said, Mommmmy, hoooolld meee. But then it just hit me that maybe that wasn't the first 3 word string you put together. You've been saying baackk and fruuuu for a while now ("back and through" for when you hit the baseball bat....or anything else that you like to pretend is a baseball bat. i.e. everything).

You've been saying mommy and daddy for a long time now, but you seemed to suddenly get confused on who's who. It's pretty funny. And so we laugh and argue over which one of us you're actually requesting help from--especially when we're tired and not especially wanting to get up. {I mean not that that ever happens though. ;)}

Another word that you've started saying is Teedan {Teagan}. Ohhhh my word do you love your big sister. Love her. You request good night hugs and kisses from her each night. And you can't seem to settle until she tells you goodnight too.

We've learned that it is everyone's best interest if we get downstairs before we get you from your crib to make your ooohmeaw {oatmeal}. If not, there are some serious meltdowns when it has to go in the microwave. Major hurt feelings. Anyway, one morning we hadn't gotten to it yet and you were starting to fuss and call for us in your crib. I still snuck downstairs to get it started for you. And as a few more minutes passed you started to get a little more desperate and began a rollcall for someone to get you, Mommmmy, Dadddddy, Teeeedan... Pitiful...but super cute too.

We've said this from the start. You are a passionate little guy. You are a lover and a snuggler...but you are also passionate about your frustration over things too. Most people around know when you aren't happy with something. Things might get thrown or hit out of frustration. Being in public can sometimes get a bit stressful. But, like I said you are also such a little lover. Giving kisses & snuggling up to us. You've started to give us squeezes with your hugs and will even give us sweet little pats. Loooove it. And I love you...all of you, the sweet & the sour!

So proud to "fly" the kite like the big kids! 
Giving the sweetest snuggles before nap. 
Fall bucket list. {and shows how overdue this post is}
Lovin' on your lovies. 
You had an ear infection and we ended up on 3 different medicines for it. 1st one didn't work, 2nd one you had a possible allergy to. We had to sneak the medicine into anything we could because giving you medicine is torture. torture {think waterboarding}. Not fun for either of us. So I was hiding your medicine in yogurt, etc. But then you started getting smart and refusing anything that came to you in a spoon. Would not even look at it. So it was back to  the syringe method. And you were so disgusted by it that you would refused to swallow anything for minutes after. Which left your shirt looking like this...
Picking out a Christmas tree! 
You love the water! And you have gotten SO good at swimming with your puddle jumper with very little help from us! 
I will never tire of these snuggles. 
Your fun new trick of putting food on your head. 
You LOVE your daddy! You used to be a real mama's boy but have recently jumped on the daddy bandwagon. And it is super sweet. :)
You think most surfaces are for standing on...
"Tailgating" with the big kids before the Clemson vs S. Carolina game. 
Climbing. On everything. 
Pizza party to celebrate Clemson making it in the CFP. You were #allin ;) 
You put on a little backpack of Teagan's and suddenly looked so much older. 
Little snuggles for mama during a family movie night. 
At one point our morning routine consisted of being fed your oatmeal while standing up. Because eating it any other way would be crazy...and result in waking up the rest of the house. 
15 month appointment nakey baby cuteness. 
Visiting Daddy at work
Not a fan of being put on stranger's laps. 
First biscuit {of your own} at Flying Biscuit...big deal in this family! 
Christmas playdate with some of our besties! 
Garden Lights at the botanical gardens
new trick. 
Your climbing skills have moved passed me being able to baby-proof much of anything. 
Lights of the South! 
Pretty lights at the Ritz on Lake Oconee
Christmas Eve service
Your daddy had 2 full weeks off from work around the holidays...and we all LOVED it! 
First ice cream with Papa G...another big deal! 
Celebrating Clemson going to the natty!!! 
Playing in the jump house with your cousins! 
First time helping make cookies with Mama and Teagan. 
 Back and fruuuu! 
You love Daniel Tiger! And you show a lot of enthusiasm for the 5 minutes that you'll sit still to watch. 
This was a song that we sang in music class and then you suddenly started doing the motions to it. It was almost an involuntary action for you to do the motions when someone starts singing it. 

Reynolds Patrick, I could eat you up I love you so!!! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Merry Christmas!

For a look at all the fun we had leading up to the week of Christmas, check out this post. We did a lot of traveling the week of Christmas trying to split time between both families and work around travel and work schedules. We always wish we could have just a little bit longer with our families but are thankful for the time that we get...and thankful that they live close enough we don't have to alternate each year.
This little sweetness started our trip...
We made a quick stop to see the McGuires and then continued on the road to meet my family for Lights of the South. It's such a fun place. You bundle up, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and then go on a hayride to see Christmas lights! 
Gingerbread House fun! 
Nana and Caroline had a little trouble with theirs...and we got some good laughs at it! 
We made a home video to present my dad's gift to him...and had a lot of fun and laughs doing it! 
That night we celebrated Christmas with my family. 
A Christmas haircut from Uncle Daniel
And back to the lake for time with the McGuires...
These kids LOOOVE their Uncle Joe. 
Then it was back to our house for Christmas Eve! 
And carrying on with a family tradition of mine, the kids got to open up new pjs on Christmas Eve. I'm sure this is a tradition that Reynolds will just loooove growing up. or not. 
Christmas morning! 
Teagan asked Santa for a diamond necklace {ha!} and an ostacle-which I was finally able to translate to mean "a stethoscope... so I can be a real doctor." Well...until CHRISTMAS EVE when Teagan insisted that an ostacle was actually a puzzle and NOT a stethoscope. So we put in a quick word to Santa and asked him to find a puzzle! 
Reynolds is really thrilled about his checkup on Christmas morning. 
They had the best time sitting and relaxing on the couch looking through all the fun things in their stockings and hardly even noticed there were other presents under the tree. 
Taking a break to put together her ostacle. 
1 of the 7,283 checkups we've gotten since Christmas. 
Teagan mentioned wanting us to have matching "mug cups," so Patrick made these for us...and had a lot of fun doing it. And now we get a little laugh each morning that we get to use them together. 
I was making breakfast and this guy snuck into the crackers. 
A somewhat failed self-timer attempt at a family picture in front of the tree. 
Beignets & biscuits and gravy! 
After we got everything cleaned up, we let the kids nap and headed back to the lake for Christmas dinner with both of our parents! 
We gave Pappy his present (the same as my dad) for them to both go to the Porsche driving experience! 
The next morning the kids made Christmas cookies with Mammy. 
...but first, here's a sweet little throwback of the traditional cookie making 2 years ago
I just want to goggle this sweet face up! 
okay...and one more throwback picture because I just want to relive a few of these days with Teagan at this age! sweeeeetness. 
...lookin just a little different this year though with the heat wave. 

Merry Christmas!!!