Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First vacation, just the 4 of us!

At the end of August, we headed for one last beach trip. Reynolds was almost 2 years old and this was our FIRST vacation just the 4 of us. I'm not sure how that even happened. But it was oh, so fun! I may have said to Patrick approximately 1,000 times in 4 days that this little getaway was perfect and how I was so happy!

We decided to try out one of the 30a beaches! I have been to the gulf (Destin) 3 times in my life I think, but never to 30a. I was pretty late on even knowing what that 30a bumper sticker was that I see everywhere...but you can go ahead and slap one on my car now. Cause I'm in love. We loved the emerald water views, precious beach towns, and delicious eats! And since I'm posting this almost 3 months late, Teagan and I are thinking it is time to go ahead and plan the next trip.

This is our excited face that we are finally at the beach! 
Ice cream on the porch after a fun day at the beach. Yes, please! 
Sweet, until you realize boogers are being wiped on me instead of kisses. 
Dinner and a concert at the Hub
Food trucks at Seaside beach. Have I mentioned how much I loved this place?!?!
Drinking out of a coconut! 
(when she realized it looked better than it tasted but still trying to pose for a picture)
Oh how perfect this shirt would have been for this gal. Meltdowns were definitely had with changing time zones, adjusting schedules, new place, little naps...
But the Melt Down is also a deeeelicious food truck. ;)
pockets :) 
...and when your hands are too big for your pockets and get stuck. 
Breakfast and storytime at Bud & Ally's before we got on the road to head back home
Collecting sand and shells to take a little bit of our trip back home with us.