Saturday, January 26, 2013

girls weekend!

Last weekend was girls weekend! It started off with two of my college roommates coming over to make a yummy pizza, watch a terrible movie (that we then traded to watch Grey's Anatomy), and just have some quality bonding time. We missed you Mea!

The next morning my sisters came in town along with my niece Caroline. We had some good times shopping and letting the girls play together. We just didn't get a lot of pictures to capture our weekend...but it was a fun one. Here are what pictures we did get of the 2 girls together.

post-bath play time in their pjs
 Storytime with Aunt Laudie...please check out Teagan's crossed ankles. love.
must've been a good part of the book...makes my momma (and teacher) heart proud. :) 
she's looking so grown up!
 matching outfits of course. 
Teagan loves her new music table that we got with Christmas money from her Great Granny...and so does Caroline. Look at that sweetie standing up like a big girl!  
Caroline keeping T company before we headed out for breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. 
Patrick getting some snuggles with Caroline. :) 

LOVE long holiday weekends that I get to spend with my friends and family. Maybe every weekend should be a 3 day one. Yes? :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

happy half birthday, t! Has half of a year already passed us by? Sweet girl, you turned 6 months on Saturday...and your momma has been having quite a few cry sessions because of this. It is so hard to believe (as I realize I said at month 1,2,3,4, and 5 as well) that so much time has passed. I have tried my hardest to take in each moment and appreciate it all...but it still seems to be going by so quickly. Your dad said this morning that before we know it, you'll be 16. I think he might be right...but until then we are going to enjoy every single second that we can of your six month self. and then your seven...eight...nine...and so on. You bring so much joy to our lives and even when I thought my heart couldn't contain more love for you, it continues to grow. Especially at bedtime. Oh my. We have this little routine where I hold you during our prayers, give you lots of kisses & squeezes, and then I hand you to your dad where he whispers to you how special you are and how much Jesus loves you before we lay you down...I have such a hard time passing you over though. My conversation with your dad often sounds something like this, "One more squeeze...ohhh....I think she just hugged me...okay, just one more kiss...okay, two...ahhh, but she's so snuggly. Can she just sleep in my arms all night?!?" To which your dad normally tells me that if I want to keep you a sweet baby, you need your sleep and you do that best in your crib....and he's right. Voice of reason he is. 

You are one awesome baby to content and easy going. When you fuss, there's normally a pretty good reason for it. You are also an awesome sleeper...and I mean awesome. Oh my, I know we are some lucky parents too. You are going down around 7:45 now and when you are able to, you'll sleep until 8:30 or so. On weekends, we wake up before you do. Like I said, awesome. You've got this new little trick where you like to scoot in circles in your crib. We were quite confused the first morning when we woke up and saw that you were in the complete opposite direction. Your dad promised that he didn't sleep walk into your room though, so we figured you must've done it yourself...and you did, because you continue to do it. How exactly, we aren't quite sure. You've also stopped taking your pacie for the most part. You suck your thumb at night, but very rarely during the day. If you do, it is normally a sign that you are ready for your nap. Most of the time when we look on the monitor, all we see is the bottom of your sleep sack. You love to sleep with your feet pulled up to you. When you get settled in to your sleep sack, your thumb from your right hand goes in your mouth and with your left hand you grab on to your sleep sack like it is your little blankie. You've also started to roll on your side when you sleep. 

Your fun personality is starting to develop more. You love to show us how excited you are to see us when I pick you up from Mrs. Stacey's and then when your dad comes home. You flap your arms, gurgle, and talk to us. It makes us feel so special. You can blow some bubbles too...constantly. You soak your shirts. No teeth yet though, but it won't be long. You also like to fake cough. We think it is pretty funny. You are continuing to talk and squeal…and getting louder and louder. You love standing while you hold on to a couch/chair. When we let you do that, it is pretty certain you’ll start talking and squealing. We think it might be your way of being so proud of yourself. You've given us some hugs and kisses too...we can't get enough of those, no matter how slobbery they might be. You are grabbing and pulling anything within reach and putting it into your mouth to gnaw on. You’re sitting up like a champ now too…with only a few topples. ….and NEWS FLASH!!! YOU ROLLED OVER…several times. You haven’t completely mastered it yet though. That one arm can really frustrate you. We try to let you work it out so you can learn, but sometimes you get so frustrated that you just put your face in your hands and crrryyyy.  Completely breaks our heart, so we help you out. Tummy time is not so bad anymore either, although you still prefer your back so you can pull your feet to your mouth. You’ve started to cross your ankles when we put you in your car seat. So stinkin cute.

You are a growing girl. Within the last week, I started making your baby food. Baby food can get quite expensive, so I decided to give it a try. Making it turned out easier than I thought…you liking it however...not so much. How in the world you can tell the difference between Gerber or Earth’s Best squash and mine, I’m not sure. The ingredients are exactly the same. Sometimes you do pretty good with it, other times you completely refuse it. I’ve had several moments of wanting to give in and just go back to the other baby food, but we’ve decided to try and stick this out. Of the things I’ve made, you’ve had squash, apples, pears, bananas, and avocado. Hopefully you’ll start loving it like you did the other stuff. You can hold your bottle by yourself and have gotten pretty good at controlling where it goes. 

You are just our little bundle of sweetness that continues to get sweeter and sweeter with each day. We love you little one! 

 six month firsts & fun

first Christmas
 first taste of a candy cane 
 modeling watches
bath time fun
trying to catch the water
sweet snuggles
 first fancier restaurant date did great! 
 You're a magician! You started the night on the other end of the crib. 
passed ouuuut...and giving out some sweet snuggles
fun with new toys! 
sleepin in on the weekends
trying out this cup thing
 first time trying ice...loved it!
LOVE standing!
riding in the shopping cart like a big girl...lots of fun!
after the first time you rolled over...yaaay! 
before, during, and after shots...this does NOT qualify as fun.

six month photoshoot

not the best picture but the only one where her legs were stretched out to show how tall she is
 doing the sprinkler! 
 so stoic
such a big girl! 
 this girl loves her daddy! 

comparison pics