Tuesday, March 12, 2013

happy 8 months!

Sweet girl, you are 8 months old today...and you are a lot of fun! Your personality is showing more and more, and we love it! You now have 2 bottom teeth and at least one of your top ones is starting to break through. The top one has given you a little bit more trouble than the 2 bottom ones. We've had some fevers and fusses along the way, but oh my goodness I love the snuggles that come with it. You have said "mamama" (only a few times), "dadada" (today for the first time!), and "bababa"...which is your favorite. In fact, a lot of times you make it sound more like bawking like a chicken. You also have this little "eeeeeey" and it sounds like you are telling us hey! We like to pretend you are. :) You are reaching really far for things and have found a new love of rolling around on the big bed in your room....and you have gotten quite fast at it too. No more quick walkaways from the bed with you. You love dumping out anything-you like to reach reallllly far on the changing table to get to your diaper pail and dump that out. You love standing as much as we'll let you. You've gotten very good with pulling up with our fingers without much help at all from us. It won't be long before you are pulling up on other things around the house...but for now, you seem to think our fingers are the only thing that can help you up. You look and give us a pouty little grunt until we put out our hands for you to pull up on. You like reading and helping us turn the pages in books. Just a few days ago, you started clapping! Ohhhhh myy. This might be my favorite little trick of yours. It makes me so happy! You still love to sit in highchairs or grocery carts-and luckily they are a good distraction if we are getting a little too close to naptime! You are smiling more and more-even at strangers-and giving less of the "you're crazy" look. Some of your smiles have even become quite flirty..so sweet when you squinch your eyes and nose at us when you smile!  You still are good at the totally unimpressed look though. It makes for some funny pictures. :) You like to give kisses, and we like to get "cheap hugs" as you'll see in one of the videos later. Your schedule is still pretty much the same with eating and sleeping. You love to share any of our food that we'll let you. We tried taking away that last nap of the day, but you are not ready for it...especially on weekdays when you are up earlier in the morning.

Sweet T, you make our world a happier place. Not a day goes by that we aren't thankful that God blessed us with you.

8 months firsts & fun

First Valentine's Day...spent with your friends at Mrs. Stacey's 

 with your valentine that you made your dad :)...with just a little help

 hanging out on a day off from work 
 enjoying the nice weather outside
going after your socks 
 and then some crazy cold days
  time to lower the crib for our growing girl! 
flying biscuit...where else?! :) You love getting to have some biscuit and eggs...still not a fan of the grits! 
 family fun day at the park :) 
 first time in a swing! 
 your hair is getting long...and maybe turning into less of a mullet?? ...maybe more? 
 little bunny foo foo
headed to Mrs. Stacey's...hard to say goodbye to your sweet face on work days!  
 you LOVE story time! 
...and catching up on local news :) 
 first sticker! (from Home Goods)
You wanted so bad to sit up so you can look at your daddy (you looove your daddy!) but then you got frustrated that the milk wasn't reaching your mouth. You can see your sweet little bottom teeth when you fuss though. 
 first pair of sunglasses! :) 
 Sweet girl, you are working on your top teeth now and it has caused you to be so tired at night...and maybe a little cranky too...we hate you don't feel good, but oh my, we love the snuggles you give out with them. 

 serious sweetness

 too tired to even eat
You LOVE drinking out of your dad's water cup! 
 and of course you just love your Daddy...big time! 
 and standing at your music table
 talking to your friends on the phone 
 getting good at pushing up...but no signs of crawling yet
Another new favorite...rolling around on the big bed. You love it! You squeal, pull the pillow up over your face, play a little peek-a-boo, and roll around.
You just love pulling out anything and everything from baskets! 
 Some more family fun at the park with your Aunt Laudie!
(please note the difference between your unimpressed face and your Laudie's scared face)
story time with Laudie...
you are loving the book "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?". You get so excited when you see it, and when we've finished reading it you try to let us know you want it again (reaching for it and grunting). Makes your momma happy. 
 shopping with the girls...and your first dressing room experience to try on your new little cardigan...not that it was necessary, but your Laudie was already in there. 
You've learned how to give kisses! and oh my, they are the best! 
rolling the ball with your dad
my loves

And for some video fun of your 8 month self...
eating your feet
your happy place...playing at your music table
your new trick...clapping! 
cheap hugs...don't judge :)
bababa :) 

8 month photoshoot

Little fussier this photoshoot...maybe it was due to the teething, time change-who knows! 
 little fuss is fixed with a good book :) 

and a little music break :) 

comparison pics

We love you to the moon and back little one!