Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kick baby, kick!

Saturday I felt my first really big movement from little baby McGuire. Up until now I've felt little flutters and even a small poke that I think was a kick, but this time I think it might have been a full flip! Maybe it was the waffle with syrup that I had that morning...if so, I might have to try that more often! Either way, it was the first big, undeniable movement from our little one. Such a special moment. With pregnancy- your body changes, you feel emotional, you crave things, you might feel nauseous...these are certainly things that tell you you're pregnant, but there is nothing that tells you like when you feel him/her move! A very special moment...I look forward to the many more! 

I had Patrick take a picture of me to document the special day. :)  The bump is certainly starting to make itself known. 

We find out on Tuesday if our little one is a boy or girl...we can't wait!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Patrick's 29th birthday was on Thursday, so we celebrated with his favorite-a meal at home. Every birthday of his has been a struggle for me because I think he would want to celebrate like I would-a nice date away from the house. Every year I ask him what he'd like to do-and every year it is the same response..."just have a night at the house with you." And he's actually serious. After several years, I think I'm beginning to learn that. 

His traditional birthday dinner since I've known him has been: crab cake sandwiches, sweet potato fries, salad, and a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I was determined to make homemade sweet potato fries even though we've found some really good and extremely easy ones at Trader Joes that are already made. To me, a birthday dinner means you have to make it more difficult too, right? It is all in my head-something else I'm trying to learn too. I did have some help from good ole Fresh Market with the crab cakes though. Last year I cried when the crab cakes didn't turn out as pretty and perfect as I wanted. And I wasn't pregnant then. So this year, I got some help. 

On a separate note, we also got a new camera! It's been on my wish list since we found out we have a little one coming. I knew exactly what I wanted my Christmas money to go to-and we finally got around to doing it! I'm slightly obsessed and hope that the new camera will motivate me to fix my problem of not documenting our life enough. From the looks of these pictures, maybe I documented the birthday dinner a little too closely. I was excited about the new camera though! 

And here's just a little random one from one of our "family dinners" last night. Realizing now I should have gotten one of the guys too. I'll learn this whole documenting our life thing eventually.