Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthdays and Easter celebrations!

Our Easter weekend was filled with travels! 7ish hours in the car within 36 hours. We headed to North Augusta to celebrate my niece and nephew's birhtdays and decided to fit in a trip to Columbia to see Patrick's grandmother. Hours of travel, moderate amounts of whining, but lots of family time made it all worth it! 

But before we left, we headed to a friends house for an Easter egg hunt with her MOPS group. So much fun! 
Teagan was so sweet and thoughtful during the egg hunt. She went slowly and allowed smaller kids to get eggs. We had talked about how she had neighborhood friends that were sweet and shared their eggs when she overslept our egg hunt last year. She decided she wanted to be a helper this year. Made me so proud of her. 
Just after this picture I was talking to a mom when I looked back and realized that Reynolds had his first ohhh, maybe TEN jelly beans. Oh my word. Don't think they would have been allowed had I known, but he was pretty happy with himself. 

On the road! 
Reynolds needing to hold the hand of both Teagan and me. 
Early morning swings on the porch with Papa
Visits with Granny
Then back on the road to North Augusta for the birthday party! 
"Person that smiles the biggest gets to open the first present."
We headed back home that night so we could be at our church Sunday morning. 
These two were not having it for picture time. 
Happy Easter! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Happy half birthday!

Happy half birthday to the little guy in our lives that we just can't get enough of! You are one loved little guy. Here's a look at the last two months with you...

You thought washing your hands was so much fun that you climbed into the sink, smiled at me, and asked, "bath???" And I gave in. And it was so much fun, for both of us, in the quiet of our morning. 
You two can't get enough time with your dad. 
 We headed to North Augusta to cheer on the tigers in the national championship! {since Daddy was out of town for work}
17 months old and this might have been the first time you crawled in your Nana's lap. Food may have had something to do with it, but Nana was loving it! :) 
Making welcome home cookies for Daddy! 
The cutest little lunch date I ever did see! 
"baaaaaahck and frruuuuuu"
You love playing t-ball! {Excuse all of my whoooaa's!}
I'm pretty sure at this moment, your moms were busy talking when we noticed things got a little too quiet...
Your first tie. I melt. 
You two. Love. Teagan has memorized all of your favorite books and loves to "read" them to you. 
Children's Museum fun! 
It's snowing!!! 
You kept asking for a hug. And I can't stand it.
You've become quite attached to this book that you call "Pou Pou Pish." You wouldn't let it go and have been napping/sleeping with it ever since. 
Indoor swimming fun
Aquarium fun! 
Making welcome home cookies for daddy again and you made good use of the stool that Teagan left there. :)
Future doubles partners. 
Holding hands at open gym. Again, I melt. 
Somehow, without too much trying of our own-you dropped your morning nap. I'm not even sure exactly how it happened. Most days are pretty good, but some days you just can't make it. Here you are after I got you out of the car, took you into a store where I had to sign and get something notorized (meaning you were tossled around as I signed and got my wallet out to pay), walked back out in the cold and you slept through the entire thing. I couldn't believe it. 
When you were born, you were diagnosed with muscular VSD. The cardiologist then told me not to look it up, and I actually listened. So I don't know much about it other than it is a small hole in your heart that typically closes at birth but occasionally can stick around for a while. Your pediatrician finally thought she no longer heard the murmur, so we took you to the cardiologist for an echocardiogram to confirm that the hole had closed...and it had! Praise! 
Another morning where you just couldn't make it until afternoon naps. You fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when I brought you inside...I didn't dare disturb you and decided to enjoy the snuggles instead. 
The first time I asked you what your name was you said "me!" Then, every single time since you'll tell us your name is Teagan. 
Mammy reading the Pou Pou Pish! 
My goodness, you love your Pappy. Love.Your.Pappy. 
Making Daddy's birthday cake with Mammy. 
Every time when we pick Teagan up, you ask over and over to be a "helpah! helpah!"
Another snow!!! 
Anytime that you want something you'll say, "yesth! yesth!" over and over. Here you are enjoying a Valentines treat from Teagan, but you were wanting my sucker too. 
Visiting Daddy at work and taking him out for a birthday lunch! 
Happy Birthday Daddy! 
Here you are saying, "Be my valentine...Teagan!"
Lovin on your lovies! 
Stories, snacks, and snuggles. 
We took a family trip to the Tellus museum! 
Snow mountain was so much fun!!! 
Snow Mountain fun! You couldn't be told that you weren't big enough to do this...you wanted right in with whatever Teagan was doing. {last two lanes}
We've said it really early on with you that you are a passionate guy-meaning it is hot or cold with you. You are a lover and a snuggler but boy can you show your disapproval of something too. If things aren't going your way, you let us know. And it has started to show up in your relationship with your friends too. Since we've entered the stage of not always wanting to share with others, we have started some pushing too. And hitting-although I think you've only hit us and not any friends yet. We are going to have to learn how to channel your passionate personality for good. Here you are in your first time out as a result of hitting me. 
I told you one night at dinner, "Reynolds...you are SO cute!" And you did this little head tilt with smile. And we lost it. So here is a little video of us trying to recreate it. 
We hiked to the top of Stone Mountain for the first time! 
Another tough morning transitioning out of morning naps. 
Storytime at the library. 
So, you and Teagan were having breakfast one morning while I was cleaning up the kitchen. You two were occupied and I was only half paying attention. Teagan was counting her cheerios and after she got to 8, you shouted "niiiiine!" Oh my goodness. Who knew?!!? And maybe even funnier than you knowing some of your numbers is that I told Teagan, "Oh my goodness, did you hear that?!?!?! He said nine!!!" And she says, "yeah, because nine comes after eight." {ha, not impressed} 
Here you are saying three and nine...We've since discovered that you actually know most of your numbers/counting through 10, but any time I ask you to do it or try to get it on camera you tell me no. It is like you just want it to be this little secret that you know how to count. 
"helpah, helpah!"
Driving around to look at all the diggers! 
Nightly Barnyard Dancing! 
"Hand! Hand! Hand!"
More hand holding and heart melting. 
Baby "Natalini"
First baseball game! 
Enjoying the beautiful weather and hiking Stone Mountain again! 
We took a trip to the zoo with our friends and enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather.
I love it when you hold my hand. 
We met up with the Fosters and a few other friends for "taco Tuesday" and your and Emma's half birthday!
We love you so much little bug! The sweet, the spicy...we love it all!