Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Cayden!

My sweet nephew Cayden turned 3 on March 24th! Here are some pictures from the birthday party! 

Birthday Stuffed French Toast from Papa...blowing out his candles! 

Cayden loves his Uncle Patreeek! 

He might have asked 100 times if he could just look at his cake. :) 

Time to open presents! 

Sweet boy with his dad

See...asking to see the cake again. 

Mesmerized by how his balloon followed him. :) 

Blowing out his birthday candles again

This looks slightly different than on his first birthday party

Love this smile! 

He loves playing outside.

Handsome hubs :) 

Cayden turned THREE! 

The next day we went to Columbia to go out on the lake with Patrick's parents. After several 85 degree days, Saturday was rainy and cooooold! Oh well, we still had fun! 
Me with the best in-laws I could ever dream of...

...and the best husband too :)

Tonight, Cayden's sweet little sister Caroline was born. We head home tomorrow morning to see her! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday weekend & nursery progress

My birthday was this weekend. Patrick and I celebrated with dinner and a Hawks game that night. Yes, I do love Hawks games. I feel like I have to explain that when I tell people what we did for my birthday, otherwise most people are probably thinking, "What was Patrick thinking? Taking his wife to a basketball game for her birthday...he has no clue!" Ha-he does...and it was a perfect night. We used to be able to go to the games a lot when he was in sports marketing-but since he's not with that job anymore we haven't gone as much, so it was a nice treat. 

Before dinner...
Sweet little birthday arrangement waiting on me when I woke up on my, Toms ballet flats, Hawks tickets, and dinner reservations...and a few sweet treats too. :) 

We went to South City Kitchen. This is where we went on our first date too. It was the first time we'd been back. We might have to make this a more regular celebratory dinner place...super yummy! 

Zaza Pachuuuuuuuuuuulia warming up 

I get slightly giddy when I'm at games. If only that was Bibby instead of Hinrich though...

Got to spend Saturday with this sweet little guy...

My parents came in town for my birthday and as a little birthday treat, my dad painted the nursery for me. Here's a before picture...

Busy painting...

Almost there...

Putting the crib together

Not the finished project, but what we have so far. Love walking by and seeing that sweet crib...just a visual reminder of how much sweeter our life is soon going to get. Can't wait to meet her! 

As for other baby updates, she's moving around a lot more. I'm feeling her a ton during the day. Probably one of my favorite feelings ever. Patrick has been able to feel her a bunch now too, and my mom even got to feel her move this weekend. You can also see the little jumps if you watch my stomach closely. Enjoying this time, feeling great, and looking forward to welcoming her home in a few months. 

New Orleans

Last weekend Patrick and I traveled to New Orleans for a long weekend trip. He was a groomsman in a college friend's wedding there, and we decided to make a long weekend out of it. You know, make it into a "baby moon"...any excuse to get a fun trip in. New Orleans is a city all about eating (and drinking-but being pregnant, I stuck with water and decaf cafe au laits), so we visited lots of different restaurants while we were there. Luckily to counter the caloric intake, it's also a big walking city. Other than a few trolley car rides and the cab to/from the airport, we walked everywhere we went. Pretty sure we got in at least a good 5 miles a day while there. Here are some pictures of our trip...

Lafayette Square...this is where the nerdy teacher comes out in me. We study Marquis de Lafayette in 4th grade, so I might have been a little extra excited about this...although it was a beautiful park regardless. 

We were told we must go to Mother's and the line that formed outside convinced us we'd made a good choice. Honestly not the best food, but I think it's more just the place you have to go. Lots of pictures on the walls of famous people that have been there too. 

Trolley car ride with the guys before sightseeing. 

A little sweet treat along the way...this is also the place that made both the wedding and groom's cake. De.lic.ious. 

Posing with my baby bump under the Baby Bump store...I don't think I got the pose quite right. 

Headed to the rehearsal. Unfortunately the trolley was waiting so hair in face and closed eyes...this was the only one we got. Ted and Laura are in the middle-the bride and groom. Bill and Jenny are on the right-they got married almost a year ago. 

Sweet, sweet couple...

Groomsmen roommate picture

Time for a toast...

Super nice restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was...probably the fanciest dinner I've been to. Lots of fun had by all. 

Gorgeous church where the wedding was held

This is probably my favorite wedding tradition now. In New Orleans it is really big to do a Second Line Parade-they get a jazz band, close down the streets, everyone gets white handkerchiefs, and we all dance down the street-led by the bride and groom. You can see the trolley in the background that had to wait too. So cool...

Breakfast hosted by the groom's parents the morning after the wedding

Cafe du Monde

 mmm...beignets and cafe au lait. yes please. 

St. Louis Cathedral across the street from Cafe du Monde

We ran out of time to go on the actual tour of the National World War II museum, but had fun looking around the lobby at all the neat things they had. 

Couchon Butcher-yes, I realize the name doesn't sound too appealing but this place was good enough to get lunch at twice. If you're going to New Orleans, this is a must.

Such a fun weekend!