Monday, January 26, 2015

#dredays2015 Week 3

Looking back at this week, it was filled with lots of time with family...and those are just the kind of weeks that we love. 
Day 15: Thankful for 2 well check-ups today for these growing babes! 
Also on this day, Teagan asked to marry her daddy again. So she walked down an aisle with some flowers and got married while wearing her Clemson hoodie and her dad in all white. Goooooodness, I love these two and how much she adores her daddy. 
Day 16: Story time and game night with Mammy and Pappy. {because we realized we were way too tired for the date night we we had planned.}
Day 17: Lake Oconee with the family! Lake Oconee is Patrick's happy place. And the rest of us love it here too, so any chance we get--we're here. On our first night my parents came in town to check out the McGuire's lot and have dinner with us. This pic is just to the right of their lot. Gorgeous, right? Not to mention that little cutie learning how to rake the sandtraps after she walks through them. 
Day 18: Daddy and daughter at the driving range.
And you've probably caught on that I'm terrible at limiting myself to just one picture a day. Day 18 was filled with lots of fun. We started our day off with a big breakfast at one of the clubs...
Kids under 3 eat free, but they have no clue how much food this girl can put down. 
 then went swimming in the indoor pool. You know, because swimming on a full stomach is totally recommended. 
{Need to figure out when this boy is allowed in the pool. Now?! Google wasn't too fond of the idea, so between that and not having proper attire for him, we watched.}
Day 19: Bye, bye lake! Can't wait until the McGuires live here all the time and we can come every weekend!
Day 20: No more swaddles for this guy. And don't let that little smirk fool ya, it was not easy.
Teagan was a total champ with breaking the swaddle. As in, she found her thumb and slept until 8am her first night. And I don't remember her crying once. So even though this is baby #2 for us, this process was a first. Thankful for a sweet friend to talk me through it tho! Not quite finished yet, but it's getting better. And this little smile makes me feel better too. 
Thankful for some sunny days!
Day 21: Patrick had to go out of town for work. I hate it when he has to leave us {like I might have cried when he left}, but shopping days and slumber parties with these fun people make it a little easier. And Reynolds is thrilled, obviously. 

Have a great week! 

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  1. Those eating pictures of T!! Love that girl! And Pappi and Reynolds with their big grins! Love love love. :)