Thursday, December 3, 2015

14 months

Ahhhhhh, you're going to be 15 months in 5 days = motivation to get your 14 month post up. Geeze. 

I can't remember the details of 2 months ago very well, but I know it was full of sweet moments with the snuggliest, funniest, handsomest little guy I know. Ahhhhhh, I love you! 

...and see, I'm not the only one that can't stand the loads of sweetness. 
Zoo trip! 
You love to give the sweetest kisses around! 
I was actually trying to take a video of your cough to send to your aunts and ask if it sounded wheezy, when you just decided to plant a sweet kiss on me instead. 
Trip to Stone Mountain! 
You love to "bop" on the head. And this time you were "bopping" Teagan on the head with spatulas-and somehow she was actually playing along with it. 
Disney on Ice! 
Painting pumpkins and cheesin' hard. 
We took a trip to Clemson with my best friends and their kiddos=your best friends too. ;)
On Mondays, we go to music class with Aunt Hea & Ryan. And there have been several weeks where we then grab lunch and run errands together. It's pretty fun getting to do everyday life with your best bud. 
On Wednesdays, we go to gymnastics! And we normally have time for a quick picnic lunch or run at the park before it's time to pick up Teagan. And would ya know...your best bud is normally there for that too! 
...and your love your Aunt Hea too. ;)

SNUUUGLIEST guy ever! 
You love to be outside! And you love to play anything with balls! Your favorite toy is your t-ball set, but you enjoyed this basketball set that our neighbor had out too!
You love your sister! And you want to do anything and everything that she does.
...and on this day she was really looking out for you. You both had to get your flu shots and before I could even blink, she had unwrapped and given you your first sucker! And I wasn't about to take it away from you when you had just gotten a shot and been told that you had a double ear infection. 
You like to be a big boy and try to do things that big kids do.
This kite is a favorite with the neighborhood kids. And none of the boys even mind that they are normally princess kites that we're flying. It's kind of like big kid status when you get to fly it. So of course, you wanted to have a shot at it too! 
Or being a big kid like climbing up on the stool by yourself, getting the water started, and brushing your teeth. All on your own...because you see Teagan do it too!
And speaking of, you've developed a love for climbing. On 
...and on this night you were climbing on your chair, which tipped over and you hit your head on the molding. So we stayed up an hour longer to watch for concussions...but 10 minutes later you were back to climbing! 
You loved Halloween and the trick or treating! 
I can't even stand it. 
Pumpkin patchin'
Happy Halloween!
We helped Mammy & Pappy move in to their house! 
There are just days that it gets tough being  almost14 months. Like when you were so happy to be eating your apple like a big boy...
...but then you eat it all and we have to throw away the core. Tough stuff, I tell you. 
Sometimes post nap meltdowns = a snack and Daniel Tiger. 
We ended the month with a quick little getaway to the mountains with Nana & Papa! 

Other big things from the month: 
-You started weaning from mama-milk. We took our time adjusting to it and overall you did great. You weren't fully weaned until a week or so into 14 months.
-You stunk at sleeping. {yes, still.} This month had {or at least felt like it} the worst sleep. Night wakings and suuuuuper early morning wakings. We're talking in the 5's. Maybe even a one in the 4's. {And I'll attribute my not remembering much about this month to the lack of sleep.} Buuuuut, spoiler alert! for the 15 month post coming up...You've gotten MUCH better since then! 
-You are starting to say more and more. One of our favorite words is the way you say eyes. eyesshhhh {as you gouge your eyes}. 
...and a new favorite is yessshh! {and if we're lucky it is said with such a big nod it looks like your bowing. cuteness.}

Reynolds Patrick, you are one fun guy! 
I could eat you up, I love you so!