Thursday, August 21, 2014

Teagan's 2 year pictures!

Right after her birthday, we had Teagan's 2 year pictures taken. We got the same gal to take them this time as we did for her 1 year pics. Her name is Brandi Sisson with Shutter Snap Photography {website and facebook page} and she is great! We'll probably be seeing her again in a few short weeks after our little man makes his arrival. This session was mainly for Teagan's 2 years but she's great and always takes a few family ones too...which also turned out to be some maternity pictures with this belly of mine.

Get ready for picture {and sweetness} overload...
This is the look she gives every time when she's waiting for her brother to move. So quiet and so patient...and so sweet.

Teagan Leigh, we love you so much! These past 2 years with you have been the sweetest and most fun yet. We can't wait to see you become a big sister and for you to share your sweet & goofy personality with your little brother. He is sure to love you and think you're the best...we sure do! We love you little the moon and back!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dear Baby Boy...

Little man, I haven't really gotten a chance to write and reflect on my pregnancy with you yet. And I'll be 35 weeks on Saturday, so I figured I better get to it. You will be here and in our arms before we know it!
{a look at how you've been growing...or how I've been growing. We've been a little sporadic with the taking of the pictures this time around.}

This pregnancy hasn't been too different than it was with your big sister. I think I did crave more sweets with her and it has been anything and everything spicy with you-although I'm not going to turn down some good sweets. And what better to follow cravings than weight gain-it's been about the same too. The only difference is I laugh when I get weighed at the doctor now instead of crying every visit like the first time around. I know {or at least I think I do} it will come off, so I'm not that worried. I did show a little earlier with you, but how I'm looking now depends on who you ask. I have people tell me that I still look small for as far along as I am and others that tell me I look like I could pop. {I'll choose to believe the former, although I'm pretty sure the latter is the one that's being honest.} The nausea was about the same too-although maybe just slightly worse because this time I did fill the prescription for Zofran...but that could also be because I still had mommy duties to attend to this time around.

The biggest difference this time around: movement. Ohhhh myyyy goodness. As I type my belly is being pushed from side to side-and that is pretty normal. And it isn't little kicks I feel but huge movements. Like I'm talking in all corners of my stomach {if a stomach has corners}. Your dad says you're doing the "starfish" with arms and legs extended out in opposite directions. We'll be watching tv and from our peripheral vision we can see crazy movements. They are big, they are strong, and they are all.the.time. But getting to feel you move is my favorite part about pregnancy, so I am loving it.  It will be interesting to see how your movement matches up with your personality when you get here.

I think your big sister is starting to grasp that she's going to be a big sister and that you're her baby brother...luckily, we've moved past her thinking that you are a pup pup. She is super sweet to you and tries to take care of you-offering you the ipad to watch, rubbing lotion on you {my belly} when she gets her lotion at night, giving you random kisses, holding the "ee-ee" {sock monkey} that someone gave you up to the belly, and most recently-loving to feel you move. The first time she felt you move was so super sweet. She placed her small little hands on my belly and after feeling you move she looked up at me with excitement and said "more." She is so patient and quiet while she waits for you to make a move and then gets the sweetest smile on her face when you do. And when we tell her to talk to you, she gets really close to the belly and will either tell you who she is, ask you to move, tell you she loves you, etc. It is super sweet.  {And side note: She does not think she can talk to you or feel you unless my shirt is up and belly exposed. Which makes being in public quite fun when she demands to "see" you. And it also helps to explain the two bare belly pics below.}

giving you a hug
The first time she felt you move. I think it started a special bond between you two. And I love it. 
because little brothers need stickers too. 
Your room is mostly finished-a few finishing touches with decorations still need to be done, but we could bring you home today and it would be ready enough. And my guess is, you don't really care.

Aunt Kristen, Nana, and the kids came to town to help get your nursery ready! 
My painting partner
I repainted this dresser that was yellow when it was in Teagan's nursery. Your Papa made the shelf for you and your Nana stained it. Your dad's first homerun ball and one of his first derby cars that he made with your Pappy are on the shelf. There is still a lot to be done before I'll call it 'finished'. More pics to come later. 
You don't have a name yet...although we have narrowed it down to 2 that we go back and forth with. Hopefully we'll decide soon. I think we're getting pretty close.

We love you little man, and we can't wait to meet you!