Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy 8 months!

Happy 8 months little guy! Oh my goodness, you are one growing and changing little man. You are learning so much and life is so much fun with you!

You are a flirty little man for sure. Although you will still give a good stare down too-much like the unimpressed look your sister used to give at your age. But my goodness, we could just melt each time we get to see your sweet smile or hear your precious laugh.  You give your sweetest smiles and giggles to me, your dad, & Teagan. I think your dad might be the best at getting you to laugh. Goooodness, do we love that sound. 

Size: You are wearing either size 12 month or 18 month clothes. We are about to transition you in to size 4 diapers--which is crazy to think about because that's the size Teagan was wearing when we started potty training her! 

Sleep: Ohhhhhhhh, you sweet but inconsistent one. Overall, we don't have much to complain about--but you are not consistently sleeping through the night quite yet. And if you have slept through the night, you're normally ready to start your day at 6am. 

Food: You've tried a few new foods this month: raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, green beans, asparagus, edamame, cheerios, and mum mums. You especially love when you get to eat some of the same things that we are eating. 

You started the month crawling like this...
and then perfected the alternating arm/leg crawl throughout the month...
...and now you are FAST! 

April 17th-crawl to sit position! And oh my goodness, at first this was about the cutest move I've ever seen. You've since learned to do it with much more ease, but at first you would stick your bottom high up in the air before settling down. It was like a yoga pose.
April 19th- You started pulling up! {And haven't stopped since!} 
You pull up on (baskets, people, tables, chairs....cords!!!)
April 20th- You got your first tooth! 

April 24th- You got your second tooth, pulled up in your crib, and stood on your own for a second! It was a big day. 
April 26th-Started "talking" a lot more and especially love to say "dadadada." We've tried hard to get you to say "mama" but for now it's only coos and "dadada." And you'll say it just to "talk" but also seem to say it even more when you see your dad or are talking to him. 

8 month firsts & fun

Zoo trip! You aren't impressed that your sister made you the girl lion. ;) 
And you and your buddy Ryan passed out from all the animal fun. 
Food trucks-and a first taste of a King of Pops. 
National Sibling Day ;) 
Tennis Saturdays
We went to Flying Biscuit after tennis and you tried their food for the first time. 
And you hated the grits. Just like your sister did. You liked everything else that we let you try though! 
First Masters Sunday! 
Your dad was headed out of town for work, so we took our first trip without him and met both the grandmas at the lake. 
Trying out green beans.
Facetiming with Dad and giving him a cheesy smile! 
You get extra smiley when Teagan pushes you on the swing. Goodness do you love your sister! 
You are a little concerned about the emotional state of girls. This was because Teagan wanted to be in the picture with you two...which she already was. ;)
More Food Trucks! 
Passed out at a birthday party! 
Trips to the lake are about to start getting their own category on these posts. We love it there and love that Mammy and Pappy are so close to us now! 
First boat trip!!! 
You love your new trick of pulling up because it means you can get closer to Teagan! 
Another zoo trip...this time just the 3 of us! 
Laudie came for a visit! 
Mirror entertainment while Laudie looked at shoes...and the crash when we got home. 
Target and coffee date with Jocelyn! 
Morning snuggles with Mommy! 
We get lots of them when you wake up so early! 
You love that you can crawl into my lap! 
We went to the annual yard sale in Gigi and Papa G's neighborhood and this year we scored a giant jump house! They are storing it for us until we have enough was a little bigger than we thought! Lots of fun to be had on this! 
Extra snuggly on this day! 
Time to start thinking about redecorating! 
This makes my heart so happy! You love swinging, and I love that smile! 
Lots of back porch livin' 
A walk, trip to the park, and picnic lunch with friends {and kisses from Emma}! 
We love to send daddy funny pictures while he is at work! 
Big sister problems. You love playing/pulling up on the castle! 
Happy 8 months!!! 
We spent the day at the lake with your Uncle Joe! 
The guys playing golf. We're playing "distract the guys playing golf." 
Happy 8 months to my little chunk of love!!! 

8 month photoshoot

We love you Reynolds. Your sweet smile warms our heart & that sparkle in your eyes make us excited about the adventures that await.