Monday, September 28, 2015

Reynold's Little Blue Truck Party!

Picking a theme for a first birthday party is a little tough. I'm not quite sure that a 10 or 11 month old {when you are starting to plan the party} actually has any preferences or favorites. But I can tell you what was my inspiration for this party...
The cutest little guy I've ever seen in a trucker hat! 
So we were going to have a Little Blue Truck party and he was going to wear his trucker hat the whole time. Except I don't think he wore the hat at all the entire party. And I don't think I even noticed that until now. Ohhhh well, we got the Little Blue Truck party at least. 

But he did get to wear this super cute shirt that my friend Kara made for him! AND the weather was perfection! AND we got to celebrate with our friends and I'd say it was still a win! ;)

Fall birthday parties mean some football watchin' too. 
These two little cuties were born on the same day...just a few hours a part! And they've been love birds ever since our first Sunday together in the "cry room" at church. 
her goodness! 
The present was craaaaaaaazy! As you can see in the pictures that follow, this guy got a bit overwhelmed and removed himself. But we were not short on big kids to lend a helping hand! And they had lots of fun doing it too! 
not havin' it. 
craaazy, see?!?
Kid went face first...immediately. 
This guy loves to share with anyone that will accept his half eaten bites! It's really showing love from both parties. ;)
Once the cake eating was done, we simply removed the shirt. Because it's a truck party it comes again...#redneckognize. 
(Chris Hostetler, I'm really glad you introduced me to this hashtag. I'm kind of seeing that it fits in a bit too much to our life.)
After the party was over, my family hung around for a while, and we had some front yard redneck fun and ordered some pizza. 
It was a perfect day! We loved getting to celebrate our little guy's first year of life with so many special people!