Thursday, February 19, 2015

#dredays2015 Week 5-7

Week 5
Day 29: We knew from the start he was going to be a snuggler. I hope moments like these never end.

Day 30: This sleeping beauty took off her pull-up, {I'm pretty sure purposefully scratch that, I know so purposefully because it has now happened a second time in an attempt to get out of nap} peed in her bed, and then asked, "all done nap?" Nope, now we'll just nap on the floor. Potty training regression is the pits and staying positive like they say to do during it, is tough stuff. 

Day 31: My favorite Saturdays normally start off with breakfast at the Flying Biscuit. 

...and this one ended with family swinging in the park.

Day 32: 6 years ago today, at a Super Bowl party, I mustered up the courage to talk to this super cute guy. Tonight's party looked a little different, and I loved it. 

Day 33: Our typical morning these days start with coffee, sweats, a fire, this cute boy, and some time with Jesus. They start a little earlier than I'd like, but they're quiet and have become a favorite part of the day.

Day 34: A friendly little game of "look what I can do" with these two. Reynolds would plank, Ryan would start rocking on all fours--and they just kept going back and forth. 
Day 35: This little was very disappointed about missing her play date at Mrs. Stacey's when we discovered she had a fever. She kept telling me, "Mommy, Teagan not sick. Go to Stacey's house?"..."Mommy, Teagan feel better...go now?" So we made it a movie {with popcorn!} day. 

Week 6
Day 36: this guy loves a good plank

Day 37: My friend Meagan came in town for the weekend so we pretended we were still in college-ha, with lots of girl time in our comfies.  I mean we still look like we're in college, right?!? No?!?!?

Day 38: ChickfilA daddy daughter date night! There is little that makes me happier than seeing how much these two adore each other. Gooooodness. I'm hoping to get a post up soon with more pics from this fun.
Before Teagan headed out for her date, we had a sprinkle at our house for my friend Stephanie. She's about to welcome her second little boy in March.

Day 39: Happy 5 months to this little rockin' man! Hopefully I'll have his 5 month post up before he turns 6 months. ;)

Day 40: Happy birthday to our favorite guy!

And I wish I could say that we had enough pictures for this day to get it's own post too, but it was kind of overshadowed by this:
We went to the doctor after Teagan had a cough and low grade fever for over 5 days. Her fever never really got that high and I wouldn't have even known except I already had the thermometer out from Reynolds feeling warm--who ended up being the one without the fever. So when she happened to mention that she didn't feel well, I took it. And then continued to monitor it for the next several days. As her cough worsened and her fever didn't disappear, we made an appointment. She was wheezing pretty badly so they gave her a nebulizer treatment in the office and then checked her breathing again. After the wheezing was better, they could tell that she had pneumonia. Ohhh, and it was just the start to the week. {Excuse my face and huge hair. Trying to take silly selfies to distract this little one from her treatment that she was not so fond of.}

We had already planned to take Patrick a birthday lunch to his office, so we did that while we waited for her prescription to be ready.

That night we had the traditional crab cake sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and salad for dinner. That's been the request every birthday I've been with Patrick. We changed the dessert up this year with ice cream at the house--his choice. And of course Teagan needed a candle too. 

I think someone is finally starting to take a big interst in our food. Sorry, bud. Even when we start you on solids, this probably won't be your first food.

Day 41: Even though this little bug has pneumonia, you wouldn't know it most of the time. But when she says, "Mommy, Teagan need to way down a wittle bit wonger on de couch...and watch PBS {insert sheepish grin}," she gets it. Even if she is playing me and milkin' this. That's what you're supposed to do when you're sick, right?!

Day 42: It was back to the doctor, but this time for Reynolds. He started to run a low fever the day before and I just knew my baby--he wasn't himself--regardless of whether the nurse told me that he didn't truly have a fever. He occasionally peaked in the "fever" range and we took him to the doctor. And this sums up how we feel about bronchiolitis and nebulizer treatments.

Week 7
Day 43: I love getting help from my little sous chef. This day was a pj kind of day. It's not that we were getting that early of a start on dinner, it was that we were that lazy and stayed in our pjs. 

Day 44: It was back to the doctor today {trip #3} for Reynolds. He had a low fever in the morning and was just not himself-a little lethargic and not a smile from him all day. His oxygen levels were low in the doctor's office, so we were told to watch him that night and bring him back in the morning {which will make 4 total doctor visits this week}--it was either that or staying in the hospital overnight. But the doctor didn't think he needed to do that yet. 
He had to sleep in his carseat, and I had to set an alarm and go in the middle of the night to count his breathing. If his breathing went above 70 {which is not good but where it was in the office}, I was supposed to call the on-call doctor. Also on this appointment, the doctor asked to listen to Teagan to make sure her pneumonia was getting better. I said, "While you're at it will you check her ears too? She was up crying in the middle of the night for two nights. The first night complaining of her teeth hurting and the second complaining about her ear. As I was giving her Tyelenol for her ear, I realized she was on the same prescription for her pneumonia that she had been on previously for ear it can't be that, right? I mean I think I believe her, but is she playing us to get us to stay in her room?" Wellllll, little girl somehow got a double ear infection while on her meds. I kept it together while in the room but started crying during check out, and then kind of lost it in the parking lot. Teagan asking me what was wrong with my eyes. It had been an exhausting week--I was ready for some relief and some good news--but more than that, I was ready to see both of my kids healthy and happy again. So it was back to the pharmacist, and this time she did not even ask my name. She knew who I was {bad sign} and asked, "Weren't you just here?"  So that night, we asked for prayers for these two little loves of ours and for some more healthy #dredays2015.

Day 45: First (and I hope only) ER visit and x-ray. A first valentines to remember. Reynolds' oxygen levels were still up and down this morning at the doctor's office, so we were sent to Scottish Rite {and if you count the doctor visit and the ER visit separately, it was FIVE visits to the doctor in one week.} We texted our family and my girlfriends asking for more prayers. When we got back to the room in the ER, his oxygen levels had improved and we got a clear x-ray {no pneumonia}! They also did this horrible deep suctioning on him while we were there and sent us away with orders to do a netti-pot sort of treatment on him once we were home. In fact, they said that the inhaler we had at home probably wasn't helping him too much and that the key was saline solution and suctioning--every time before he ate or slept. And each time, he gave me the look that I was hurting him-badly! I don't think we'll be forgetting this anytime soon. We were and are so thankful for all the prayers! 

Day 46: Oh my goodness, on this day we were so thankful to see this guy smiling again! It had been two days of no smiles so to see him starting to get back to himself was great! 

Day 47: A three day weekend came at the perfect time! Patrick had off for President's Day, so we went on a little family bowling date since everyone was feeling much better! This was Teagan's first time bowling, and she loved it! She's already asking to come back. 

Day 48: Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner at church! Delicious and fun!
Day 49: Not so long ago, Heather {one of my besties} and I would talk about how much fun it was going to be when these two started noticing each other. Time is passing so quickly! 

Thankful we're starting Week 8 off with healthier little babes! Hope you are staying healthy and warm this week!  

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