Tuesday, June 28, 2016

19 & 20 months!

Confession-for the last month+ I've been saying Reynolds was 21 months old. Even as I was slowly trying to crank this post out I titled it 20 & 21 months. It wasn't until a full month passed by and he was actually turning 21 months (and I'm counting up from 12, back from 24...trying to figure out how he was just turning 21 months when he has "already" been 21 months for a month.) So...while almost 2 months late...here's an attempt at still keeping things documented. Cause I'm clearly not thinking straight all the time. :) 

The last two months (19&20) have been so much fun! They've been filled with lots of outside time with friends and family. And watching you learn so much and your personality grow makes everything more fun. I look back at pictures and videos of Teagan at this age and wish I could just go back and re-live a day in that life...I know I'll do the same with you. So I'm trying to soak up all the sweetness and cuteness that you bring to each day. 

You are talking SO MUCH-stringing so many words together! I especially love the way you've started to add people's names to what you're saying (tank tu ...Mommy!....about 10 times during dinner each night; or Good job....Teagan! after she danced at her recital). You talk to communicate your needs to me-that you are hungry, you need a tissue, you're ready for lunch, you want me to come with you, to let me know you are strong :). I love it all. 

You have two stories that you like to tell-one is about Daddy and Matt playing tennis and the other is about picking strawberries with Emma. You'll just randomly start telling us about one or the other. 

You love to count. LOVE.TO.COUNT. We hear you on the monitor counting to yourself. I swear one night we even heard you counting in your sleep. We get you to count to distract you while we're in stores, or you count just so we will cheer for you. Sometimes if we don't acknowledge that you've gotten to 10, you'll just repeat ten! ....ten! ....ten!! until you get our attention and we clap for you. When you make it to 20, you expect a song and a dance. And we're happy to give it! 

You love sports! Your favorites right now are golf and tennis-they are a part of our day, every single day.  But as a little brother to a big sister, you also know a little about princesses too and can be heard singing Let it Go. 
Zoo trip! 
Matching daddy! 
Love the little smirk of the guy that ended our family date a little early because of a diaper so big it required riding home in only a diaper. 
Easter cookies with the Fosters. 
Big boy after his shots! 
Hanging in North Augusta with the fam for my birthday weekend (while Daddy was out of town for work). 
Little picnic with our friends! 
Caught you raiding the left overs. 
Happy Easter! 
The silver lining to sick days: the snuggles. 
You are obsessed with diggers: buldozers, excavators, dump trucks...and we got to see some in action. Thanks to some construction going on near our house, we see them most days. And after we pass, I'll hear, Mommy, mo' boo-doh-zahs (more bulldozers). The other day you kept telling me you wanted to ride one. When I said we couldn't, you said buyyyy it!?!? Sweet guy. 
Cheering Daddy on at a tennis match! 
Hanging with Mammy & Pappy while we went to the Masters (also an obsession of yours. Mas-ahs! Goff!) 
Another trip to the zoo! 
I couldn't even stand the excitement watching you two watch the Masters together and the claps and shouts of back and fruuuu, howle!!!, awmost!, uh-oh! & Mas-ahs! 
Masters Sunday 
(slightly obsessed in this family)
Superman needs a bottle too! 
Lemonade Days! 
(Even though it happened over a month ago, I'm going to try and get a separate post on this. There was just so much fun had and so many smiles!)
I love you and your smile! 
Picking up our girl from school! 
I hope you two are besties for a long time. 
Taco Tuesday with friends! 
Sharing your ice cream with your cow. 
(You also recognize Chickfila and will shout Chifay, Chifay! when you see the sign. We may eat there  just a little bit.)
Strawberry pickin! 
One of your favorite stories to tell. 
Pick! Pick! 
Eat it all! 
Strawberries...you picked them...put them in the basket...ate them all...and Emma was there too! 
Lovin' the lake life. 
I'm one lucky mama. 
We made homemade strawberry ice cream with the strawberries that we picked. You weren't too fond of the waiting process. Here Teagan is comforting you telling you we'll get the ice cream soon enough! 
And then when some dripped on the floor, you licked it up. No lie. 
More time at the park with friends! 
Ryan taught you how to swing on these rails and you have been doing it everrrrrr since! And each time Watch, mommy! Watch!
You came running around the corner shouting, Did it! Did it! Shoe! I think you were a little proud...and I was too! <3
Take your kids to work day with Daddy! 
Just a dude waiting to get his sister out of ballet. 
Food Truck Thursdays and play time after! 
Zoo date! 
Gimme all the flower weeds and hand holding with you! 
So several weeks ago we were doing our grocery shopping and you started to scream-not because you were overly happy or mad. You were just having fun testing the loudness of your voice. (I'll include a video to show you exactly what I mean. It is loud. It is high pitch.) That day you didn't get a lollipop even though Teagan did-you were crushed. It was the only leverage I had at the moment. So this time, we talked about it. I reminded you that you have to be on your best behavior to get a lollipop. No screaming. No making other moms give me a sideways glare and eyes bug out of their head. How did it turn out?!?!....
This smile says, "I know how to make people's eyes bug out of their head in Trader Joe's. Again. Notice I still don't have a pop. I don't care." 
She was gone for 45 minutes in ballet, and you greeted her like she had been gone a month. Goodness, I love you two. 
Flowers are picked for Mommy, Teagan...and your bestie Emma. 
Mother's Day dinner! 
On the lake for Mother's Day and I couldn't love the snuggles more. 

We love you little bug....to the moon & back! 

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