Tuesday, June 28, 2016


This year for my birthday, "all" I asked for was to go to the Masters. Patrick laughs at my all because as most people know, it isn't as easy {and certainly not as cheap} as golf fans would hope. We put as many feelers out there to find some tickets in the time leading up to it, but Patrick ended up on the corner of Washington Road holding up 2 fingers to try and get us tickets. And lucky for us, we got some! :) And even more lucky was that the next day they were going for at least double what we paid. So here's to hoping for many more years at the Masters...and for winning the lottery! {or at least the Masters lottery for tickets ;)} 
We left the kids with Mammy & Pappy for the day and headed out for a full-day date! 

A tradition unlike any other. <3 

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