Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthdays and Easter celebrations!

Our Easter weekend was filled with travels! 7ish hours in the car within 36 hours. We headed to North Augusta to celebrate my niece and nephew's birhtdays and decided to fit in a trip to Columbia to see Patrick's grandmother. Hours of travel, moderate amounts of whining, but lots of family time made it all worth it! 

But before we left, we headed to a friends house for an Easter egg hunt with her MOPS group. So much fun! 
Teagan was so sweet and thoughtful during the egg hunt. She went slowly and allowed smaller kids to get eggs. We had talked about how she had neighborhood friends that were sweet and shared their eggs when she overslept our egg hunt last year. She decided she wanted to be a helper this year. Made me so proud of her. 
Just after this picture I was talking to a mom when I looked back and realized that Reynolds had his first ohhh, maybe TEN jelly beans. Oh my word. Don't think they would have been allowed had I known, but he was pretty happy with himself. 

On the road! 
Reynolds needing to hold the hand of both Teagan and me. 
Early morning swings on the porch with Papa
Visits with Granny
Then back on the road to North Augusta for the birthday party! 
"Person that smiles the biggest gets to open the first present."
We headed back home that night so we could be at our church Sunday morning. 
These two were not having it for picture time. 
Happy Easter! 

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