Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Lemonade Days

Every year our little town puts on a festival called Lemonade Days. Here's a little excerpt from our local newspaper that helps explain it: "In the spring of 1998, a tornado twisted its way through Dunwoody, destroying homes and many of the large trees that made Dunwoody a lovely place to call home. One year later, reconstruction was well underway; scars, both physical and mental, had begun to heal. To celebrate this time of rebirth, the Dunwoody Preservation Trust organized a small neighborhood weekend carnival, naming it Lemonade Days. Life gave Dunwoody lemons, but through hard work the community turned those lemons into lemonade. The name stuck, as did the annual festival, and Lemonade Days was born." It was the 18th year for the festival, and our 4th time going--the first being when I was pregnant with Teagan and we walked there for a funnel cake and walked back home talking about how much fun it would be to take our children in the years to come. And every year it does not disappoint. I'm as happy and as giddy (maybe even more) than the kids! 

We love to try and go 2 days...one during the week after Patrick gets off work and another on the weekend. 
Excited & ready to go! 
...and at it again on Saturday! 
First "roller coaster"! 
I love these two cuties! :) 
...and ending the weekend with a funnel cake! 

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