Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall fun!

This past weekend was full of fun. We started our Saturday morning with Boo at the Zoo, and Teagan had an awesome time and loved getting to try out her "trick or treats." It took a lot of convincing to get her to not try and open the candy after every single station/car. Here are the pictures from the fun.
Ready to go! 
My little pumpkin and princess! 
About 2 minutes into being at the Zoo, Teagan decided to find a bale of hay to sit down on and take a snack break. 
her new smile :) 
She wanted to go see the "putkin" but got a little hesitant the closer we got. 
 Okay, there may be just a few pictures of this next moment. Teagan got to meet Anna and Elsa. Her.day.was.made. And so was ours getting to watch this moment! She loved it so much that we waited in line twice so that she could see them again. My heart still melts thinking about this! She was so excited for her turn to come! She immediately gave Elsa a hug and Anna a high five! She then showed them her "Elsa braid" and held out her dress to show it to them. Ahhh, all totally unprompted by anyone and all totally heart melting to me. Oh, how I wish we would have thought to video this.
The last time that we were at the zoo, Teagan got so scared of the big gorilla statues. So, I ended up carrying her most of the trip...at 8 months pregnant. It was all she could talk about when we told her we were going to the zoo, so here she is trying to overcome those fears. 

After naptime, we headed to our church's fall festival. And the fun continued! 

She thought this was so funny...and so did we! 
Taking part in her first costume contest with the help of a super sweet Anna. 

After church on Sunday, we headed over to celebrate Evie turning two! Happy Birthday Evie girl! 
Not sure what we thought was so funny.
Baby wearin' mamas. Our boys like to be snuggled. 

Happy fall from this lil' "putkin"


  1. Love all your pics! You definitely got way more out of boo at the zoo than we did, but T is at a better age for that. So sad we had to miss Ev's party but glad we'll see you guys halloween!

  2. Oh my word. Can we please discuss this post one picture at a time?! Seriously, the new smile, the slight fear of that massive putkin (I mean I totally feel her), the fact that she calls it a putkin, the Anna and Elsa moment, the gorilla moment, the donut on a string?!? And the CUTEST little putkin I ever did see, hat and all. Your family rocks. That's mostly all. :)