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Our first 4 weeks together...

I figured before everything becomes a total blur, I should try and document what life has been like for the first two three four weeks. {because it apparently takes me 2 weeks to finish a post these days} And so first off, it's been just that...a blur. Moms on Call says the first two weeks after birth are just survival. Or at least I think it does. I haven't actually reread the book. I finally opened it up again to browse through when you turned 2 weeks old though...does that count? 

Week 1 

{or what was left of it after we got home from the hospital} 
Your first night at home was great. You would whimper about every 3 hours and I would feed you. You didn't really even full on cry-but since you were right next to the bed in the pack 'n play I could hear you. Night number 2 was about the same...or at least I think it was. I think it wasn't until your 3rd night at home that you cried every 2 hours demanding to eat. Ohhh man, the difference between eating every 3 hours vs. every 2 is a huge difference in the middle of the night.
First morning at home. 
Teagan was doing great...until your dad was getting some snuggles before heading into work and then she got super jealous. A little Mickey Mouse fixed that though. 
Teagan wanted to hold you and read you one of her big sister books. She's been such an awesome big sister to you...and you of course are the best little brother too. Oh, and apparently clothing for her was optional on our first day at home.  
Luckily your Nana was in town to help for the first several days . So when your big sister Teagan would wake up sometime in the 7 o'clock hour she would take care of Teagan so that the two of us (or more me) could get a little shut-eye...you were going to be getting it either way.
First visit to the pediatrician for a weight check. You were 4 days old and weighed in at 8lbs, 12oz--so we had to make an appointment for the following week to get you checked again. 
Milk drunk, duh. 
First car ride together...Teagan was so excited about this! We went to your Papa G and Grammy Pam's house to watch the South Carolina vs Georgia game.   
First family walk! 
We went to Target with the help of Nana...and our trip ended up only lasting about 10 minutes but not because you weren't cooperating. You looked like this the whole time. 

Week 2

Nana left when you were 8 days old. She had planned to leave the day before, but I had a mini-meltdown and she decided to stay an extra day. :) She enjoyed her snuggles with you while she was here.
 Our first day just the three of us! Teagan slept until 8 that morning {thank you!!} and all was going well until about 11 o'clock when all of a sudden I started feeling such pain that was causing me to be nauseous, develop a fever, and get chills. And just like that, I had mastitis on our first day alone. Your dad came home from work for lunch and helped get Teagan down for a nap so I could get a head start on a nap myself...and then once everyone woke up again it was a countdown until dad came home from work again. It was memorable for sure.
 The next day, I thought I was feeling all better {except for the pain that can last a full week}. We had your newborn pictures taken and I think I overdid it again. Because about 5 minutes after our photographer left the house, fever and chills struck again. So Day 2 home alone became another memorable one. That night, your dad took Teagan to Food Truck Thursday to give us more time to nap.

 Friday we had your next weight check, and you weighed in at 9lbs, 3oz. Almost back to your birthweight so we did good! It was the first time for me to get all three of us out the door on my own....AND we were on time!
First family date night...to Target! And that's when I realized doing this on my own was going to be difficult. Where do the groceries go?!? 
Since Nana left, Teagan took over laundry duties. kidding. But for real, the girl unloaded the dryer and then loaded it with what was in the washer...and started it on her own. All while I sat there nursing you.  Win!  
Saturdays in the Fall mean tennis and football for us. And so we made it out of the house again in time to watch the end of your dad's third set. 
 That afternoon my family {minus dad} came in town. My mom and Lauren just came in for the day, but Kristen and Caroline stayed for a few more days. That night, you had your first dinner out at Taqueria del Sol. And this mama nursed you in the car and then got to enjoy my first little margarita. Delish.

Selfies with 8 people can be a little challenging. 
Caroline finally decided she wanted to hold you and get in on those sweet little kisses.  
Kristen and Caroline were still in town and to celebrate the first day of Fall we decided to go to the park for a picnic lunch and to let the girls play. Patrick even came home from work to meet us for lunch. Love afternoons like this. 
Looks like Patrick has tiny feet and ankles. :) Awesome dad to do this on his lunch break. Love him.  
Happy 2 weeks picture! 

Week 3

For the first two weeks, we didn't try to get on much of a schedule. It truly was survival and on demand feeding. I tried to stretch to 3 hours between feedings. Some days were easier than others. Once you turned 2 weeks, you started to become what we thought was a little bit more high maintenance. Napping and getting you to the 3 hour mark wasn't quite as easy. You are such a snuggler and with family in town you were getting passed around between people or the nap nanny/Mamaroo during nap times so that we could all get in on the sweetness. So once you turned 2 weeks old and it was just us again, we attempted to start the Moms On Call schedule and have naps be a little bit more consistent. You seemed to really like getting in to a routine and being left alone for your naps...or more so, you just wanted to be left in one place for a nap. In fact, being in someone's arms might be your preferred place. Since then, naps are still a struggle some days. One place that is sure to get you to nap is being in the Ergo.

Story time and snuggles before nap. 
Enjoying the nice weather and taking out the Double Bob that Aunt Kristen left behind for us to try out. 
Teagan showing you her invitation to her friend EllaKate's birthday party.  
We've both been told we have wrinkly foreheads. We don't even realize we do it.
Aunt Hea came over for a little play date with Ryan. Ohhh, I could do a lot more days like these. So much fun. 
Sending funny selfies to dad while he is at work. 
If you know Teagan, you know this is true love. 
First family road trip to see the great grands! More about that in another post to come soon. 
When you turned 3 weeks old, mama had a really hard time with it. Several meltdowns that day/night because of how quickly time was passing us by. We thought that we would let you sleep in your crib for the first time when you turned 3 weeks old. But the emotions came flooding and it just hit me again how stinkin' sweet you were and how quickly you were growing up...and how much I don't want my maternity leave to end. So when I asked your dad again later that night if he thought tonight was the night for the crib, he said he thought that you and I both could use another night. Love that man.
Happy 3 weeks!
Not screaming during bath time. Success!

Week 4

She loves you. 
So at 3 weeks and 1 day, you had your first night in the crib. I read you the book If I Could Keep You Little and cried through the whole thing. You slept pretty good, getting up every 3 hours to eat.
Side by side comparison of Reynolds and Teagan at about the same age. What do you think? We can't figure out who you look more like.   
Someone isn't a fan of the cry it out method. I'm not saying that we support the full-on cry it out method, but I don't think it is terrible to allow you to cry and learn to settle yourself. I normally set a timer to help myself. But if Teagan thinks that I'm taking too long, she'll try and come to your rescue. 
You had your first play date with these two crazy girls! 
About the only nap you got this day...you love the Ergo. You however were not a fan of napping anywhere else this day. 

Why a picture of your sister at the dentist?! Ohh, because this is the day that you got your teeth brushed for the first time. Yes, you...Reynolds. Teagan got a little goodie bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, etc from the dentist. On the ride home, I heard you gagging a little bit. I looked in the mirror to see that she was trying to BRUSH YOUR TEETH! Ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh. So after I freaked out and said {probably a little too loudly} to TAKE THAT OUT! She let go, but left the toothbrush in your mouth. So, driving down the road I'm also reaching back and trying to remove a toothbrush from your mouth. Sweet girl was just trying to share her princess toothbrush with you. Memories...sweet, sweet memories.  

Giving our favorite little guy some kisses. 
You two had your first bath together! Teagan thought it would be fun to take a bath with you and this night it finally worked out. Normally you're taking your last nap of the day when Teagan gets a bath. This night you had just finished eating and it worked out for you to get one before your nap. Which turned out to be great...because until this night we would go straight from Teagan's bedtime routine to yours. Altogether it was like a 2 hour process that just was a liiiittttttle tiring. So, I think we're going to try and make this our new routine so mama and daddy get a little down time in the evening too.
"Stand next to him like you like him."
little better :) 
To end the week, we went to Reynolds Plantation {not where you got your name, btw} with your Mammy and Pappy. They are considering moving to Lake Oconee which we would LOVE. It would take just over an hour to visit them rather than the 3 1/2 hour drive it takes now to get to Columbia. Before they were considering moving to Hilton Head, but I think 2 little grandkids present a strong case for moving closer rather than farther away. We had a perfect time together enjoying the cool weather, going on walks, and visiting a pumpkin festival {which I will also try to make a post of later}. 
Little man, you love to snuggle. love.to.snuggle. Especially with your mama. I snapped this picture after you kept fussing during one of your naps. After several attempts of going up and down the stairs to give you a pacie back, I finally caved and snuggled you. And then you gave this little grin as if you knew you had me wrapped. Which you do. I love a good snuggle too. 

And just like that, you'll be 1 month old tomorrow. How in the world has a month already gone by?!? We have your doctor's appointment on Friday, so I'll get your official one month post up with all of your stats soon! We love you little man! 

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  1. I laughed out loud at the picture of Teagan rushing to Reynolds' aid on the monitor! Hahah love that girl. I'm surprised she didn't give her look right into the camera. ;) ...and reimagining the tooth brush incident is just hilarious. Gotta love her! Love your honesty and detail- makes me realize I need to keep track of more of the "small moments" of our days so that I don't forget them!