Wednesday, October 15, 2014

First Road Trip!

2 weeks ago, we decided to take our first family road trip! We went to Augusta and Columbia so that Reynolds could meet his great grandmas. Timing road trips with a 3 week old has it's challenges-with only 3 hours in between feedings (which includes the time of the first feeding) and a 2+ hour trip, we had to be ready to jump in the car the second that he finished eating. Add traffic to that, and we still ended up making a stop before we made it to Augusta.

Luckily most of my extended family was all together on Saturday. They were moving my grandmother into an assisted living home {So please excuse my sappy and maybe overly detailed has been a little emotional seeing that transition and I wanted to make sure I remembered this part of our trip well}, and everyone was there to help. Hate that I didn't get a picture of everyone that was there. 
Moving Mema in
Great Aunt Janine

Little background on Reynolds' name...We chose the name because it is my mom's maiden name-and because there isn't anyone in my extended family who bears that name that I don't adore.  When we were first deciding on it, my mom told Mema (her mom) that we were thinking of Reynolds for the name. Mema's response was probably my favorite, "Well, I certainly approve of that." {In that sweet, southern, elderly way that only grandmas talk}. 

Mema got to get some sweet snuggles with Reynolds and she loved it. She kept saying over and over {maybe because of her fading memory or maybe because she just wanted to be sure I knew what she thought}, "he sure is cute" or "well I'm proud of you for breastfeeding-looks like it's agreeing with him" or my favorite "well, he'll make this name proud." I have such fun and sweet memories of her, that it made my heart so, so happy to see Reynolds get to be snuggled by her. She gave me her little pout face when it was time for us to leave and I did a little too. I wish we could have stayed longer. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to see my dad's mom before we had to head to Columbia. We'll definitely see her the next time we're in town. In Columbia, Reynolds got to meet his Great Granny-who is one of the most precious ladies I know and who says things like "I declare"-seriously cute if you ask me. We love her to pieces. And it was great to spend some quality time with the McGuires as well.
The trip home...well, it was memorable. We left Columbia and had already planned to stop back in Augusta for Reynolds to eat. Both of the kids slept most of the way, and I even got a little nap in. As we were getting closer to our destination, Reynolds started getting a little fussy because it was getting close to his next feeding. Teagan surprisingly slept through most of his crying, but then about 5 minutes from our destination it woke her up. And it did not wake her up in a pleasant way. All of a sudden she started screaming! She was SO upset that she was awake...SO upset in fact, that she threw up. Into blankie. Her most prized possession. We had to pull into a church parking lot about 2 miles from where we were going to strip her down and clean it all up. As we were pulling out, I laughed and told Patrick that we forgot to take a picture to document. But something tells me, we may not be forgetting this one. Luckily blankie was able to get a run through the wash before we were back on the road. You know, to hit standstill traffic before getting home. Surprisingly, we were able to laugh about it all. I mean, what else could we do?! 

Here is my trying to document our lovely car ride home-sitting in traffic with two kids crying-one because she was overly tired from an interrupted nap and the other because it is just tough being almost 3 weeks old. At one point my arm was reaching back to give a pacie and Patrick's was reaching back to hold Teagan's hand. 

So, we did what anyone would do. We stopped at the next exit and got ice cream-because if laughter is the best medicine, ice cream has to be the next best, right? And whattya know, there were a lot more smiles after that. 

We are already looking forward to the next trip to see the great grands! {I realize that might sound sarcastic after the trip home story, but I really mean it.} We are so grateful that our grandmothers are around to share in the life of our kids.  

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