Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Festival

Two weeks ago, we headed to Lake Oconee with Patrick's parents. They are looking to possibly buy a place at Reynolds Plantation and the idea was for us to go, look at some houses, and let them get the feel if it was a place they would want to move. Since the weather was too cold to make renting a boat much fun, I looked up to see if there were any pumpkin patches nearby. And much to our luck, they had their annual pumpkin festival going on that weekend.

We had the best time. There was a hay ride, petting zoo, face painting, corn maze, jump houses, and lots of games. Teagan really got into it this year which made it all the more fun.

What it looks like when one kid doesn't want to cooperate. 
My little farmer dude. 
Teagan immediately went running for the pumpkins and tried to pick up the very first one that she saw. She was so excited to see so many pumpkins and had so much fun walking through the rows of them. 
I asked if she could take off her {silly looking} sunglasses and this is her telling me, "No mommy, see! Sun...bright!" 
 Hay Ride! 
The hay ride ended at the petting zoo where Teagan got to feed a baby goat and then pet the two day old horse...or donkey...or mule. They told us but we were too far behind to my expert {not!} opinion, I'm thinking mule. 
umm little out of focus there camera man.  
Teagan was so excited about the face painting. She had already planned that she was going to get a pink flower and that Patrick would get a purple butterfly. Somehow Patrick ended up not getting his face did we let that happen?!? :) 

Teagan's {and I'm not sure} first corn maze! 
Enjoying the prize for completing the cornmaze--free popcorn! 
If there is one thing that I've passed on to Teagan, it is her inability to make a quick decision. Sorry, sweet girl. If given a choice between two things she will just continue to stare back and forth between the two, then finally choose the back to her first choice. I can't exactly get upset with her because she gets it honestly, but ohhh man it can certainly add on some time to whatever we are trying to get done. Give her hundreds of pumpkins and it can take forever. We were finally able to convince her that she had picked the perfect one! And she was so excited! 
And the end to a perfect Fall day...

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  1. Love all of these! I'm also obsessed with T's fleece :) so cute!!