Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Happenings!

I'm not exactly the biggest Halloween fan, or I should say wasn't. It's amazing what having little ones will do. Now, every holiday just seems like so much fun! We had so much fun with pumpkin festivals, church festivals, zoo trips leading up to Halloween. Teagan was so ready to dress up as Elsa and practice her trick or treats. She continued to tell everyone that asked her that she was dressing up as Elsa and "Mama...Anna!" I kept thinking she would forget, but nope. Well, not until the excitement of the day came and then I got away with not dressing up as Anna.

The night before we carved our pumpkin. I showed Teagan several pictures and let her pick the design. 
Teagan was not a fan of scooping the seeds out. We worked hard at trying to get her to do this again so we could take some pictures. She stuck her hand in there once, declared it was nasty, and asked to take a shower. In fact, she just headed straight upstairs to take one until we asked where she was going and she told us " (shower)". Like I said, not a fan. She did however like the seeds once they were roasted.  
Reynolds was excited for the pumpkin carving. 
Oh, just a grown man with a princess band-aid on. 

We decided to make Halloween an all day affair. We had a play date to start the day and then the rest of the gang came over to have dinner and trick or treat together. 

Here is an absurd amount of pictures documenting our day and the cuteness of kids in costumes and Halloween pjs.

These two have play dates weekly but they have yet to recognize the other's existence. We mamas have fun though...and one day they will too! 
Yes, these are Christmas pjs. We like to celebrate year round. 
Trying to convince a 13 month old to sit and take a picture isn't the easiest task but we had to get one with sweet Finn. 

Pumpkin Painting! 
I wish I could say we were still proudly displaying this pumpkin, but I didn't check the weather and it poured Halloween night after we were all inside. So this kids washable paint washed right off. Oops. 
...and just some more painting because it is fun. 
Oh my word, these next pictures. Reynolds' wide eyes, the princesses' cheesy smiles, and the sweetest little turtle. 
Planning for a photoshoot with 5 kids isn't the easiest. As soon as we started lining the kids up, we realized this one was snuggled up to his mama trying to fall asleep. 
Oh good grief! Sweetness. 
Teagan forgot refused to take a nap that day. She stayed in her room for over an hour reading even though I kept going in to remind her to go to sleep. I even gave one of those empty threats that as soon as it came out, I knew it wasn't true..."If you don't go to sleep, we can't go trick or treating." Yeah, mom's a liar because we still went trick or treating and she did not take a nap.

Teagan's lack of nap mixed with the onset of her fall allergies, left her exhausted. And for a minute, I wondered if she actually would trick or treat or if she would pass out first. But of course, after the first house she went to and got candy, the energy level spiked.
Love this group! 

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