Monday, March 10, 2014

Patrick's birthday, Valentine's Day, and 19 months!

I've become quite slack on keeping up with my blog posts. My goal: get caught up before it is time for Teagan's 20 month post...which may or may not be in two days. Oh boy.

Patrick's Birthday

Patrick turned 31 this year. I like to remind him that he's actually closer to 40 than he is to 20 now. I have only a short while to give him a hard time about that before I'm right there with him. We celebrated like we always do: crabcake sandwiches, sweet potato fries, spinach salad, and a cake. I ask every year if that is what he wants, and it always is. But he's been taking the same lunch to work for longer than I've known him. The guy knows what he likes and likes to stick to it. We loved getting to celebrate him. He has got to be one of the most selfless people I know and is constantly looking out for the needs of Teagan and me. It's nice to force some attention on to him for a day. This year Teagan got to help me with the cake. 
We also got to celebrate with Patrick's mom while she was in town for work. We went to the Sundial and had a lovely dinner {seated far away from other guests when they saw we had a 19 month old with us}. 
Oh sweet girl, you bring so much more joy to our lives than you will probably ever realize. 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's started this year with Patrick and Teagan heading out to Chick-fil-A's daddy daughter date night. Oh my word, I think we've both been looking forward to days like this since we found out that Teagan was a girl.

T, I had all intentions of getting you all dressed up for this, but we were already out shopping when your dad met up with us for some yogurt and decided to take you there since you would have to pass the Chick-fil-A to get home.
saying "Ta-da!" 

Your dad said you were TERRIFIED of the cow. And wouldn't keep your eyes off of him. 
You got a ballon, pink rose, and a cow. This cow you liked. ;) 
...and a little packet of questions for daddy and daughter for follow up dates. This made me cry. Chick-fil-A, you are doing it right. Love this so much. 

You spotted your "ower" and "moo" the next morning at breakfast and just had to have them! You might have been terrified of the big cow, but not this one. You love your "moo" as you call it. 
Patrick and I then got our chance to go on a date too. We went to Cinnebistro for dinner and a movie. We saw Dallas Buyers Club. I'll be honest-I wasn't sure within the first 30 minutes if we were going to be leaving the movie. It was a little over the top on some scenes, but we stuck it out and I'm glad that we did. It really was a wonderful movie with an awesome story. We just wouldn't recommend it without it coming with a little warning. And of course it is always nice to just go out the two of us and stay out until after 7:30. Even if we do spend some of that time running in to Costco to get some essentials. That's us. 

no pictures of our night. man!

19 months

Oh sweet Teagan Leigh, I'm so sorry that you'll be 20 months on Wednesday and I'm just now posting this. Not that you've noticed or been keeping track. Hopefully I'll be able to let the dates on pictures help me remember what is 19 months and what to save for the 20 month post. 

You are getting more and more independent. And more expressive on telling us what it is you like and don't like. You are sweet, goofy, smart, and determined. We love every single bit of you, even if sometimes it gets you into time out a time out or two.

 Making cookies
 Pushing your own cart at Trader Joes. 

You have become totally obsessed and in love with your blankie. Oh man, and the love has only continued to grow with time. It's pretty sweet, but we better not be caught somewhere without it because once you decide you want it there's no distracting you. {said from experience}
You've thrown your dirty diaper out of your crib. Oh, there are few words for this. I guess I just keep thinking from stories that I've heard that it could have been worse. I'll spare all of the pictures for the blog, but of course I took them! I had to show your dad and the rest of our family! You've spotted them a few times on my phone and your reaction each time is hilarious. "Ewwwwww!" (over and over) Yes, exactly my thoughts my sweet little girl. 
We've taken a lot more trips to the park. You love the slides and getting to play like the big kids.
And this is how you normally feel about leaving the park...

You've started to help decide what you'd like to wear for your outfits...and when your dad is in charge most mornings he doesn't try and stop you. So we end up with outfits like this one...
pink, coral, red, grey, gold...and a belly showing. perfection. 
and this one...
jeans, shorts, tutu, minnie, jean jacket...and this was for CHURCH! ahhh, I'm pretty sure it was obvious mom was out of town this weekend. or I'm hoping. 
You've had a few meltdowns over nothing. But for you it is serious and a big, big deal. Here are a few...
 When I tried to show you that there was a door to the car that you could go in instead of climbing through the window...
because I put the clothes in the dryer and you wanted them to stay in the washer {i am not making this up}
 because you wanted the stool upside down and not right side up...

Here are some other looks at the fun we had this month...

important phone calls to make 
shopping fun on a sunny day! 
stealing the cookies from the pantry. and proud of yourself for it! 
stealing my snack. typical. 
Lots of snow days!
You love taking showers! ...and those little buns!!! cuteness.
This has become quite the norm when we leave Mrs. Stacey's in the afternoon. 
family yogurt date


  1. Love!! And I may have laughed out loud at the descriptions that went with T's meltdowns : )

  2. Oh my gosh so many laugh out loud moments in this post! hahaha... LOVE the falling on the floor meltdown moments. Hiliarious! And so fun that you guys got to go to the Sundial and on a date night! Chick-fil-A may me tear up... blame it on the baby growing inside me. Such a sweet post!!