Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 20 months!

Sweet little Teagan Leigh, we love you so much! You are the perfect little mixture of sugar and spice. And you sure do know when to turn on that sweetness. Right when you are about to get caught or get in trouble for something you will flash the cheesiest smile we've seen. We of course melt, try to turn away as we giggle and get ourself together, and then correct your behavior. But I think most of the time you see right through us and know how cute we must think you are.
You wouldn't stop smiling and saying cheese until I took your picture. 

You continue to grow in your independence on wanting to do things. When trying to dress/undress you, you'll often say "Teagan's!" which means help me only enough to get me started and then let me do it! 

You still stick mostly to one word at a time when you are talking, but there is a 2 word combination that we can't get enough of. Caroline's shoes. Random, right? Well, your dad tells you every time that he puts on your shoes that they are Caroline's shoes...even though we've actually bought you several pairs of your own. Every shoe is Caroline's. I'm not sure exactly how we first realized that is what you were saying, but you say it with the same excitement and intonation in your voice each time. I tried to get you to say "Dada's hat" the other day but you would only say one or the other. Then I asked if you could say both words. Want to know what you said? "both words" Oh good grief, you make me laugh.

We've enjoyed a few trips to get frozen yogurt. Sometimes because you didn't get your nap in and Mama was the one needing the yogurt, to meet friends, or simply in celebration of the few glimpses of spring.

Your obsession with your blankie landed it in the tub one night. Your dad said that nothing was going to get clean without that blankie in there. Luckily we have 2 and there was a dry backup for bedtime.

We just got a membership to the zoo and have already taken you twice. Two weekends in a row. You love it, and so do I! One new animal you love? Flamingos! I normally skip over the stinky birds, but you did not want to leave and thought they were hilarious.
The zoo workers were making the elephant work for its food by walking from one end to the other. Every time it would leave you thought it was playing hide and seek and so you would count. 
I may make you take this picture every time we go to the zoo.
I was flipping out at this point. My favorite animals at the zoo...and this little buddy kept coming face to face with you. You were a little unsure. 
You were showing him your 'Rillo that you brought with you. Maybe that's why he kept coming back to you. 
and a second trip a week later...
You insisted on holding my hand as you rode in your wagon. 
Oh good grief this makes me happy.  
Oh what's that...another yogurt date?

...that may or may have not been influenced by this meltdown
...right before this you wanted to be in your crib while I hid in the bathroom. You knew exactly where you wanted me to hide, and things were going great...until you changed your mind. And I couldn't figure out where you wanted me to hide. You didn't want me to hide in the bathroom, you didn't want me to not hide in the bathroom. Real life people. So, being the good mom that I am I decided we I needed yogurt. You of course got to enjoy the yogurt as well while I positively reinforced this major meltdown. Some days are about survival. And frozen yogurt was key on this day. ;)

The craziest morning hair I think we've seen. We had to get it from all angles to truly capture the awesomeness of it.
Your Uncle Joe came for a visit and you absolutely love your JoeJoe. He played at the park and ring around the rosies with you, making you only love him even more. Sweetness. And he loves you too sweet girl.
Your uncle Joe is a fun guy. 
You just love, love, love the song Jesus Loves Me. It is so super sweet and every night before bed we end up singing it no less than 2 times. You like to sing your own version too. After singing it the other night, you kept saying this one word over and over and I couldn't figure out what you were saying. Finally your dad did..."heart." You were telling us that Jesus lives in your heart! I think your dad and I both had a moment of trying to hold the tears back at that point.
Jesus Loves Me...
...and He lives in your heart. 
One of your favorite books to read is your little Bible. While you get your Bible out though, you a lot of times will bring this one to me and say "Mama's Mama's". This way I have my own book to read. It really doesn't even have to be when you're reading your bible. It's any time you are reading with your dad and you think I need a book to keep myself occupied. This is always the one you choose for me, picking it up and saying "Mama's Mama's". Love how you try and take care of me. 
And for some more fun moments from the month...
Morning reads with dad. You were showing your surprise at one of the pictures by saying "ooOOOoohhh" 
Favorite play place. 
Our little Valentine! 
Let me eat my cookie in peace Mom!
...because sometimes your Mammy sends you a fairy outfit and you just have to wear it. Thanks Mammy! 
Walks around our small neighborhood normally have many stops like this because you want to "it". 
dad life.  
Stealing my sucker and finding a way to prop up the phone to still watch Mouse. Win, win for you. 
Oh, I love this one. We were watching the video of Riley's newborn picures and big sister Emerson was giving this squinty smile in some of the this was your reaction anytime Emerson would come on. Love. 
Some days a girl just needs to put on her fairy wings. 
You made all your friends (including me) "it" so you could have story time. 
Ring around the Rosie with sweet neighborhood friends. 
good Mexican dinner. 
We love you to the moon and back little one! You have given us 20 months of pure sweetness. 

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