Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Days-round 1

We came home from a snowy New York only days before Round 1 of Snowmageddon Atlanta. Watching the constant news coverage, I couldn't stop thinking about how blessed we were. The city was a disaster, and we were so fortunate to be able to be together in our warm house while so many others were stuck on the roads for hours on end. Patrick's 1 1/2 hour drive home seemed like nothing compared to every one else.

We had the best time getting to experience the snow again through Teagan's eyes. We weren't exactly equipped with snow attire for her-so we made do with plastic baggies over her boots, socks for gloves, and cookie sheets for a sled. And we loved every bit of it...and she did too! I think she would have stayed outside if we had let her. 

She loved the snow but wanted it off her hands the moment she touched it! 

Someone would rather play in the snow than take a family picture. 
Not excited about needing to thaw out. 
But chocolate milk made it better! 
...and homemade cookies! :)  
Back out to play with all the neighborhood kids this time!  
Again, would rather be playing than taking a picture. 
Day 2 sledding adventures continue!

We had so much fun! And if I'm honest I'll say that there won't be pictures of "snow days-round 2" (that occurred less than 2 weeks later) because I did not get outside. Patrick and Teagan went sledding but I was so over the cold and ready for spring that I stayed inside in denial that it was cold out and that we'd be going to school in June with all the make up days. Ha, but for round 1 things were all happy and fun! And both times the days off of work together as a family were much appreciated. Now, only 33 more school days until Spring Break!!!

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  1. Sweet girl! love here crying pic over having to come inside- what a little love!!