Thursday, March 20, 2014

Boynton Birthday Beach Trip!

In the Boynton family there are a ton of birthdays in March. At least 7 that I can think of right now. My sister's and mine are only 2 days apart, and this year we decided to take a family trip to Hilton Head to celebrate together. We got a big condo on the beach that was actually able to comfortably fit all of us in the same place. 7 adults and 3 crazy kids. Wish the weather would have been a little warmer, but we still had a great time! Looking forward to maybe a return trip next year. Here is an overload of pictures from our 3 day weekend. 

 Play time on the beach...

Followed by a trip to Sea Pines to play at Harbor Town and eat at the Crazy Crab. As you can see from the pictures fun was had by all ages.
She loves to do this to him when she rides on his shoulders. This or pull his ears. 
Throwing shells. Safe. 
Dancing "like a ballerina"
Papa and Cayden at the top of the lighthouse 
We had so much fun on the playground that we decided to take them to another one the next day since it was too cold in the morning to go to the beach. 
Nana with both of her new knees thought this was a good idea. Oh goodness, such a little kid. 

 Once it warmed up a little we took the kids to the heated pool. The dads got in and the moms stayed bundled up. :) They had a blast. I don't even think Teagan realized she was cold, but we decided when both girls' lips were turning purple it was time to take them inside to warm up. 
jealous and cold

...and warming up means a fun bubble bath with your cousin! And there were LOTS of these...and they were all lots of fun too! 
Sunday was my birthday and unfortunately the day we had to head back home. We got to spend almost 6 hours in the car, complete with unintentional dirt road adventures to try and avoid standstill traffic. Happy I got to spend it with my favorites though! 

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