Monday, July 27, 2015

Princess Ballet Camp!

When Patrick and I got the email from Teagan's preschool that they were offering a princess ballet camp, we knew we wanted to sign her up! Ohhhh my goodness-she loved it! And so did I--every morning getting her dressed in her precious ballet outfit and braiding her hair by request {because in her mind princess hair = braided hair}.

She did great every day with us leaving her! My only complaint was that she wouldn't tell me anything that she learned each day. I couldn't get anything out other than, "we colored, we ate snack, and someone cried when there mom left." Okay, well did you do any dancing?? "Yeah, ballet." {And that conversation repeated itself every single day after camp.} It was like a little secret society. Ha, but once the recital came and we got to see everything they had been practicing, she will show us all of her ballet moves. And she hasn't stopped since. She remembers so many {if not all} of the french terms for the moves she learned. Makes this {used to be a dancer} mama heart melt.

Showing off her leap before her first class
After 2 classes, I think the leap was getting higher! 
This sweet girl did awesome with us leaving her each day! 
Recital Day! 
Oh my goodness, Teagan woke up around 5:15 this morning. And she never fell back asleep before Patrick woke up for work--and then there was no sending that girl back to her bed once her daddy was up. Sooo, when the recital was starting when nap time normally does, it made for a very tired princess ballerina.
Her grand jete was so grand that it ended with a tumble. ;)
We could not stop giggling watching this sweetness dance. She also was super tired {and the youngest one there} so her name got called a lot to get back on her square. ;)

A little distraced with the chassés. 
Here are two videos of her showing off her moves after the recital.

I mean, is he not just the best dad?!? 

We can't wait to have her signed up for ballet in the fall. She loved this week so much and we have loved getting to see all of her ballerina moves. 

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  1. Love that princess ballerina!! And loved her GRAND jette... Oh sweet love! :)