Wednesday, July 22, 2015

dredsays2015: Week 23-27

Oh boy, I'm terribly behind on these...but for the sake of keeping everything documented and together--here's life the past...month?!?

Week 23

Day 156: National Donut Day! 
Day 157: Typical Saturday morning starts with an early breakfast at the FB and grocery shopping with the whole gang. 
Day 158: We love summer...and all of the pool time we got this weekend! 
Day 159: First day of princess ballet camp! 
...and a happy 9 months to this little guy. 
Day 160: Mandy is here!!! 
Day 161: Sometimes dinner at Papa G's is just too delicious to worry about shirts. 

Week 24

Day 162: Celebrating Brenda's retirement with some of my favorites! 
Day 163: Princess ballet camp recital day!
Day 164: Fun morning riding horses! 
Day 165: Fun night at the pool! Plus...Teagan surprised us and showed us she knew how to swim, AND Reynolds said mama when we got home. A good night with my loves. 
Day 166: This little guy gets into everything. And the looks he gives me when I catch him melt me every time. 
Day 167: Evvvvvverrybody wants to squeeze in as much time with dad before he leaves for 7am. We start our parties early! 
Day 168: It's 10 o'clock and this little love just went to bed. Doctors orders to keep her up late in preparation for her EEG tomorrow. As soon as we put Reynolds down we told her it was party time-so she immediately pulled out her princess heels and tiara {duh}. We had a fun night with our girl eating ice cream, building trains, face-timing, coloring, and dancing! 
Day 169: I love this little girl so much! She was so brave on this day for her EEG--she got special stickers put in her hair, got to bring her "blankt" and puppy pillow to the doctor to take a nap. She did great...and we've already gotten the results back that everything came back normal. Praising God! 

Week 25

Day 170: Sharing is caring. 
Day 171: We're pretty pumped to be at the beach with our families! 
{and a later post to come just about our beach trip...ahhh, I've got to catch up! But for now, just the daily pics.}
Day 172: Father's Day and we got to spend it with our favorite guys in the world! 
Day 173: This little guy has been a little high maintenance with his naps while on vacation...but my gooooodness, do I love him and getting to be his mama! 
Day 174: Waving to her {10 year old boy} friend that she met until he finally came over and asked her to play. 
Day 175: Today has been filled with naps on us and giving lots of super sweet snuggles. {His sister must have told him that you have to get sick on your first family vacation. It's tradition.} --little guy was just running a high {102.5ish} fever. Think it might have been a little virus coupled with teething. 
And boy did these two start to bond. Can't even count how many times he fell asleep on Patrick on this day...and now he REALLY loves his daddy! 
Day 176: Mudslides on the beach! 

Week 26

Day 177: Last day on the beach. Why do vacations have to end?!!?
And love that both of our families vacation together every summer! This beach trip was where our parents met for the first time and the McGuires have joined us ever since! 
Day 178: One kid in just a diaper {because of an earlier mishap and then inability to find a clean pair of shorts in the packed car} and the other still in her princess nightgown at 1 in the afternoon...but after 4.5 hours in the car with moderate whining/crying we decided one of our stops needed to be at the Banana Outlet. #retailtherapy #redneckognize
Day 179: "night night little june-yah" 
{No, he is not actually a junior...but again #redneckognize} 
Day 180: This guy loves to blow some kisses! 

Day 181: "Come play with me Reynolds!" {heart bursting}
Day 182: I think our time at the lunch table lasted longer than our time in the pool, but we had fun! 
Day 183: some trips require a little more lovin' than others #fullhandsfullhearts

Week 27

Day 184: An earlier walk today that ended as a run in search of shelter from the storm. 
Day 185: Happy 4th! 
Day 186: love them. {including that photo bomber}
Day 187: Zoo day! 
Day 188: Oh sure, looks like a good idea to me! 
Day 189: Morning coffee on the porch with some of my favorite teacher friends! 
Day 190: Someone started sneaking up the stairs before Teagan caught him. I was right there. He was just that quiet. for once. {boy is loouuud.}

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