Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy 10 months!

Ohhhh myyyyy goodness gracious, we love you so much little guy! I mean seriously. You are one snuggly, sweet, curious, funny, and fast little boy! Your personality is really starting to shine. I remember with Teagan thinking once 10 months hit that each month felt like the most fun yet...and you are proving that to be true again. It is just too much to handle...I think I need to go in your room and get you out of your crib to snuggle and squeeze! {kidding. cause I'll probably be seeing you before the sun rises anyway. I'll squeeze ya then. ;)}

You are one big guy too. I forgot to include your stats on the 9 month post, but at that checkup you were 22lbs,1oz {75th %ile} and 30 inches tall {98th %ile}. You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes, and the other day I was struggling to get one of those snapped. You even have a couple of shirts that are 2T....2T {as in toddler!!!}. 

Your first {and favorite} word was dada. {and if you are yelling for him or trying to find him, it might just be a really loud Daaaaa!!!} Your second word was...uh-oh. {I hope that isn't a sign of the times to come...oh boy!} You will also say baba for "byebye," although I think for a while you thought that dada was also "byebye" because that's normally who you are saying it to. We like to all stand at the door and wave bye to your daddy when he leaves, since we are all awake that early. ;) You've said mama a total of two times and won't say it again.
And just before I took that video, here you are showing how you can drink out of a straw cup. That might not be overly interesting...but your dad singing A Whole New World while dancing with your sister certainly is! :)
Sleep...Your "normal" is to eat around 7pm and then you'll wake up again at 5:45am. We occasionally have nights that are a bit rougher and then mornings where we roll over and it is after 6am. You like to start your partying early. And you love to go to bed early too. If we try to push you past your bedtime, it is almost guaranteed that you'll be up in the night. Some people would consider 5:45am a middle of the night waking, but that is just your morning. And we're starting to get used to it. 
Sometimes when you wake up really early, you'll reward me with snuggles. But a lot of time you are giggly and ready to start your day! 
Seriously, you are a morning person. You can hardly make it until bedtime some days. Here you are taking a cat nap in the Ergo so I could get a little cooking done. 
You umm, don't nap so well on the go. Or for other people. Just ask Matt and Caroline. They kept you while I took Teagan to the doctor, you kept screaming until they would hold you. They'd get you asleep and then once they would lay you back down it was level 10 screaming again. Finally Matt gave up and let you just nap on him until I could get back. 

You have decided that you love your dad. Not that you didn't like him before, but there was no doubt you were a mama's boy. And you probably still are, but now you will sometimes jump out of my arms to try and get to your dad. This bond was starting up before our beach trip, but when you got sick during the trip he stayed in with you while I took Teagan to the beach. You took several naps on him that day, and now you have decided he's pretty great! {because he is!}
Also on the beach trip, one of your top teeth broke through. And I'm hoping what you had at the beach was also a viral cold and not just a super dramatic teether. Because we had temperatures of 102.5 and lots and lots of sleeping on us. It was pitiful.
You still think Teagan is the coolest thing ever. You get so excited when you see her! It is precious!
She asked you to play with her this day. melt.

And of course she had to be the one to push you on your first tricycle ride! 

New tricks?!? You love to blow kisses, have started waving byebye with the open/close hand instead of arm flap, and you'll also raise your hands high when we ask "How big is Reynolds?!?" Sweetness overload.

"This big!!!"

You're also standing on your own a lot more now. This started a while back but you are doing it in longer spurts now.

You will mimic our faces and stick your tongue out at us. You'll also shake your head at us. I think this is partly just something new you learned and the other is because you're trying to play a game with us. Somehow I found out that you found it hilarious if I stare straight forward pretending to not pay attention to you and then I'll quickly look at you with a funny face. It can send you into some serious fits of laughter. So you'll try to do it to us too now. You love to play hide and seek too! You will crawl around the corner so fast to find us! It is so much fun to see you playing back with us!

Things that you think are good ideas...

...and some other fun times this month! 

My cousin Mandy came in town and we squeezed as much time in with her while she was here as we could! 
You had spaghetti for the first time at Papa G's...and you were a big fan! 
We went to the barn with Gigi and Mandy! 
You think selfies are pretty funny and will really give a good smile for them. 
Outdoor fun with the neighbors! 
Goooodness, I love a sleeping baby. 
Some days around here look a little like this....
In the "cry room" at church. We used to lay snacks out on the blanket...then we realized that they never stayed on the blanket, and eventually we just stopped crying.  So it's a little food fest most Sundays as you and your friends gather around to get the snacks. 
and sometimes things can get a little aggressive. :) 
pool time fun with the fam
Evvvvvvverrrrybody likes to see daddy before he leaves for work at 7am. And sometimes we even get to all have breakfast together.
{Hoping I won't get too much judgement from this next picture. But I've heard from a few other parents to know that I'm also not the only one.}
Driving down the road and I hear, "Mommy, Reynolds not buckled." And my response, "Teagan Leigh, did you unbuckle your brother?!?!" Hers, "no." I'm thinking it is just the top part of your seatbelt undone because she's done that once before. So as I'm quickly finding a parking lot to pull into, I'm continuing the conversation trying to get Teagan admit to unbuckling you. I mean, it had to be her. And then I look in the rearview mirror and see THIS! {This picture was not taken until we were safely in a spot and the car was parked.} My heart was racing. I knew immediately that I was the one that somehow had placed you in the seat but never buckled you. ?!?!?! I'm still confused about how this happened. And now I'm even more cautious than I was before on making sure everyone is buckled. 
First beach trip!
 {beach post to come later with more pictures}
Pool day with friends and I'm pretty sure cold water had just been poured on your back. You were less than thrilled. ;)
This boy. Those teeth. That smile. Those eyes. 
My heart could burst.
I love it when you sit like this. That little tush and those little {actually huge} feet together! Gooodness. 
Pretty sure you get at least a thousand kisses a day. 
We went on a walk to see Mammy & Pappy's house that is being built and had to turn it into a run to find shelter after the sky opened up. You thought it was great. 
Happy 4th!

Your first spin around the neighborhood in the tricycle. 
A relaxing trip to Target. 
We got to go to Brenda's house for coffee on her porch. It was the first time that you got to meet Brenda. She is one very special lady to your mama. 
And you got a playdate with sweet Millie Belle while we were there! 
Happy 10 months to this little love of mine! 

monthly pics

"sooo big!"
Cause the traditional "sit in your chair" pictures weren't going to happen. 
Reynolds, we love you to the moon and back...and again...and again! You bring so much joy to all of our lives and we are so thankful that God gave us you. 

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  1. hahaha I am cracking up at your "things you think are a good idea" and "some days look like this around here" pics. oh man I love those two! Annnnd, since I'm always telling you about jobs you could have (since you have so much time on your hands), professional photographer is the next one to add to the list. I will happily let you use our family to build your portfolio whenever you're ready. ;)