Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Thursday Teagan and I dyed Easter eggs together before nap and then made and decorated Easter cookies after nap. It was a day full of crafty fun. I love getting to do this things with her, and she's a big fan too!
Patrick took off of work on Friday so that we could go visit his parents at their rental house at the lake. They sold their house in Columbia and have moved to Lake Oconee where they are building a house. We wanted to make sure we could get a trip in before too much time had passed.
New home site! 
Rental house
And right across from this house is a pool and playground! 
We let Reynolds try out the water for a bit. It got to about his ankle before he loudly let us know it was too cold for him. I didn't mess with changing him back into his outfit because we planned on a quick bath before dinner to wash the sunscreen off. But then he fell asleep in his seat naked....and so later we ended up at dinner like this. 
We brought an outfit for him to change into but then I lost it. Ooops! I just avoided eye contact with everyone. 

We headed home that evening and then started Saturday morning off with a big Easter Egg hunt! It was awesome, but wow was it overwhelming. Patrick was playing tennis that morning and was going to meet us there. So I tried to manage both kids in a sea of people. Thankfully we were meeting a few friends there and my friend Cait was able to help Teagan and Evie while I took pictures and stood next to Reynolds to make sure no one ran off with that cuteness. ;) We had a ton of fun, but it was definitely a place that would make losing a kid easy. Thankful Cait was able to help with the big girls until Patrick arrived.
Teagan found a prize egg! And now we have a fake hampster that runs around our house in a ball. She thinks it's hilarious. 
This girl loooooves her "Uncle" Matt. 

Then Sunday we went to church. This Easter season I have been so amazed at how good God is. I think having a toddler who recently has really been testing her 2.5 year old limits has helped bring His goodness into view for me. And has also brought into view how much I need Him. Recently I feel like I have been a little low on my patience and my responses to her have not always been full of love, forgiveness, or grace. In those moments I have to continue to remind myself that I want to be a picture of Christ to my children-I WANT to give them a home where love and grace abound. But time after time I fail. When I'm being pushed {and I'm short on sleep}, it is hard. And in those moments I am so thankful that where sin increased, grace abounded all the more. For me in those moments, and for her. And then how amazing is it to think that,
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8
I mean goooodness, even when we fail him, he still loved us enough to die for us. And even more amazing is that the story didn't end there. Thankful that we serve a living savior--today and everyday! 
So with that, here are the pictures of the Easter cuteness. 
And then last minute we decided to go back to the lake to see Mammy and Pappy to have dinner with them. These pics are in their backyard on the golf course. 
I love that in this next picture, she's not just blinking. She closed her eyes tight to take in the big hug she was giving her brother. Goooooodness, I love these two together.  
"Here, he's all done." Ohhhh boy. 
This girl. 
Reynolds, I could gobble you up! 
"Ohhhhhhh, M&Ms!"
The face she makes for the "mmm, that was good" or "I can't believe I just got to do that!" 

Happy Easter! 

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