Wednesday, April 29, 2015

#dredays2015 --Weeks 15 & 16

Week 15
Day 99: We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! Reynolds: not impressed his sister made him be the girl lion. 
Day 100: She hugs hard. Happy National sibling day! 
Day 101: Flying Biscuit breakfast--our favorite! And with our favorite server, Mrs. Dee! 
Day 102: First Masters Sunday for these two best buds! 
Day 103: Game of airplane gone bad=a mid-day shower for mama. 
Day 104: I wanted today's picture to be when the front desk ladies at the dentist babysat my kids for 10 miutes in the overlap of P needing to get to a meeting and my cleaning not being finished yet, but in the relief of being done I forgot to take a picture. So, here's a wagon ride with our sweet neighbors tonight. They have so much fun together! 
Day 105: Today's doctor appointment made possible by "Aunt" Hea. Thanks Hea, you're the best! 
Day 105, Part 2: Lemondade Days with the Joiners! And oh my goodness, T couldn't have been happier. {And I'll have to make another post of our Lemonade Days fun because there are so many pictures.}

Week 16

 Day 106: Special delivery for the sweet girls at the dentist. Because when you volunteer to watch my kids for 10 minutes and ask me how many facials I get in a week {none!} and you want to hear about my skincare're gonna get a Starbucks! 
Day 107: Teagan used to sleep until 8:30, but she's found that if she's up early enough she can see her daddy before he goes to work. So most mornings both kids are up at 6, but this morning it was 5:30 for both of them! I was very thankful when I woke up to realize that we were all able to fall back asleep for a bit-and with this sweetness beside me! The extra sleep was much needed, even if interrupted. 
Day 108: Lemonade Days, round 2! 
Day 109: Meeting precious Madeline Elise and hanging out with these sweet friends. Miss seeing their faces every day!
Day 110: It's a slumber party at the lake with both grandmas! 
Day 111: more fun times with both grandmas before we headed home to welcome P home from New York! 
Day 112: A long overdue haircut! 8 inches off. 
Day 113: Food truck Thursdays with friends! {And Mammy who came in town!}

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